New The Forbidden Kingdom Trailer

There is a new The Forbidden Kingdom trailer out and I’ve got to say I like it a whole lot more than the previous one. I still have a horrible feeling that this long awaited colaboration between Jet Li and Jackie Chan is going to be total trash… but I choose to hope beyond hope. This trailer certainly helps… at least a little. (Thanks to Goody for the heads up)

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14 thoughts on “New The Forbidden Kingdom Trailer

  1. The flick looks like a loose, comedic attempt at creating a fantasy movie for the ages. I unfortunately think it’s going to fail. Too bad. I bet the scenes between Li and Chan are phenomenal, but that white kid is going to ruin it. Not so much because he can’t act (can’t tell that yet. There’s not a lot of scenes in the trailer where we could gauge that) but I think moreso from that fact that they had to “Americanize” it. For shame…

  2. I hate the fact that they are using a white kid as the main character but understandable since it’s an American production. I hate that the first time Jet Li and Chan meet on the silver screen it’s for an American film, an American kids film no less.
    The kid looks stiff and uninteresting in the trailer and doesn’t seem to show any sort of likability. The should have gotten The Beef in this, at least he’s got charisma.

    The Plus side is that they seem to have done a good job with the action and it looks pretty solid.

  3. From the trailer, this movie looks awful. I hate how Jackie Chan has degenerated into the comic relief Kung Fu guy even when he’s trying to be serious. Is this a serious drama or a comedy? It looks serious until Jackie opens his mouth.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved Jackie in his Police Story days, but it’s hard to take him seriously now.

  4. yeah it could be terrible but Yuen Woo Ping is the fight/action choreographer so we’re almost guaranteed some good fight/action scenes even for a kiddie movie.

  5. Why do they always feel the need to put in a side ways white guy who will ultimately be crucial to saving the day? This idea would have been kick ass if it had stayed on track and just had the two Kung Fu masters.

    It looked like a nice set up. They are rivals. They want to kick each others ass but before they can do that, they need to defeat some evil. Where is the problem in that? I don’t see any point in having ‘Anakin’ in this film.

  6. im really looking foward to this movie, im bias becasue i am a fan of Jackie Chan. i dont know about you guys but this movie looks really good, story could be a little blah, but well see. :)

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