Vin Diesel In The Terminator 4?

Vin-Diesel-TerminatorThe news for Terminator 4 just seems to be getting worse and worse. Just yesterday we posted about how it looks like McG may end up being the director for the film… now comes word that Mr. Fast and Furious may indeed be picking up the Arnie mantle and taking the lead in the film… yup… word right now is that Vin Diesel is in talks to be the next terminator. The folks at RopeofSilicon give us this:

(The movie will) center on the fate of the Earth following the war of the machines as John Connor conducts his resistance. Now, today, we learn who may become our very first human simulated time traveling killing machine. Ain’t It Cool News the man that may be skinning up the metal is none other than Vin Diesel.

I swear, if it was even close to April 1st right now I wouldn’t believe this story for a moment. But what can you say? Diesel has a career that has sputtered to say the least in the last few years… it already looks like he’s going back to the well with Fast and Furious (which he refused to do before, apparently because it was beneath him… guess it’s not beneath him anymore) and now the Terminator?

To me this would seem like very strange casting. You can cast “names” in any other role… but for the Terminator, a franchise that is so associated with its former star (Arnie), I think it would be a much better move to go with a less conspicuous actor than someone like Vin Diesel. Just my two cents worth.

What do you think about this? Do you think Diesel would make a good terminator or do you think this would be a mistake?

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33 thoughts on “Vin Diesel In The Terminator 4?

  1. Wow. I really wish they could get Vin is as the Terminator. I think it’d be the perfect project for him. He’s been missing in action for some time now and the films he’s done really hasn’t cemented his image as the ultimate Hollywood action star. Chronicles would probably be the closest.
    The Rock really doesn’t need T4 on his Resume. He’s doing well by himself. Vin on the other hand could use a spice up. Plus he’d be very believable as a bad guy. Even more so that Rocky. Ironically I don’t think McG is gonna use any big names or focus on the Terminators as much. Even Christian Bale would have been a cool Terminator. Hell, even a muscular Terminator chick would be cool.


  2. I think ven diesel woul make an excellent candient to play the next terminator and a killing machine? He is big and strong enough to play the effective killing machine as the Terminator! but who is going to be the protector of John Connor or is John Connor full grown adult and the alone resistant leader and the leader the man kind?
    Michael Mills

  3. I personally think Vin would make a good terminator. I mean if the movie is being set in the future with the war already going on then, john connor and the resistance are fighting all the models right..? so if thats the cast Vin gets the starting role of alot of the terminators, then the CG guys can throw in the T-101, T-1000, and what ever model the girl was.

  4. WHAT!!! ven diesel as the terminator!!!??? get the fuck out of here! he doesnt look lik a machine at all! arnold had no expression and thats y he was so good! ven diesel kicks ass but the terminators gotta be played by a robot face/no expressions kinda guy. maaaaan its gonna suck. i hope it doesnt tho but hopefully van diesel has some robot skills ive never seen.

  5. Now really who wants to see another Terminator movie after that horrible third part, i don’t think is a good idea to make a number 4, Vin Diesel is not the problem here, the idea of another reap-off movie based on material that many people love is what bothers me so much


  7. He will be a very lousy terminator!!! Damn fools making the third and fourth movie!!! :-/ Vin Diesel is soooo ugly I can’t stand him! His nose for example.

  8. Say what you will but I really wanted Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to step into Arie’s shoes on this one.
    I’m not totally opposed to Vin, but the combination of Vin and McG behind the camera leaves me with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

  9. I could see Vin as the new Terminator,,,at least a “series 500”- the fake human looking with rubber skin haha
    Seriously, I’m okay with the idea. However…considering that the T1000 wasn’t a buff dude and while smoking hot, Kristy Loken as the TX wasn’t a Cory Everson. Know what I mean?

  10. I don’t care what anyone says. This is a crime against humanity. First the news about McG, now Vin Diesel. This is building up to be the biggest load of sh*t movie ever made. Terminator 1 and 2 are classics! Part 3 wasn’t soooo bad thanks to Nick Stahl. But this….this just makes me sad and angry. Sad because the Terminator franchise and mythology has so much to offer. Angry because they’re ruining the Terminator legacy and name. Can they at least try to make this good?

    Vin Diesel just blows.

  11. I hope that it’s a small part with him infiltrating the human camps, then being destroyed.

    Also, for the ending, we see like 500 Vin Diesels rushing the humans, as they struggle to send John Connor back in time. The End. That would be cool.

  12. Uuuuuuum. Yeah. I hate this casting because they should just stop raping the T franchise, but in terms of who is available to take up the role? Well, who else is even remotely similar to Arnie these days? VD is the only guy out there who is a big dopey non-actor perfect for delivering expressinless glares. Or maybe you think Andrew Brody would be the perfect choice? A no-name actor? I am usually all for that route, but in this case that just makes no friggin’sense. To anybody.

  13. I think Tobor’s right but I also think that’s cheating a little since he didn’t really say much. My vote is with his performance in either “Pitch Black” or “Find Me Guilty”.

  14. Vin Diesel’s best performance was definitely in The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay.

    Great XBOX game.

    But seriously, I actually agree that this role would be better off with a lesser-known actor.

  15. See. You see? This is what this guy needs. He voiced the robot in the Iron Giant and now he plays a robot. This is definitely exercising his acting skills.

  16. Two words – Cameron Diaz.

    With McG at the helm he is the right person to help Diaz tap into her Terminator persona.

    And then the film could end with an extended skiing section with Diaz wearing a bikini!

    I don’t know why they haven’t offered me the directors chair yet

  17. Vin Deisel definately has the “presence” to pull of the Terminator. Riddick was a very similar role and Deisel was great with it. He is one “name” I can see doing the Terminator justice, an unknown would also work ala the T-1000 guy.

  18. No they were made to look human in the future too to sneak into the human trenches and camps etc its very briefly touched upon in the first film i think if i recall. But still i agree that the majority of the movie would be better off withbad ass metal robots with lasers. As far as i’m conserned the only time we need to see a human one is the creation of arnie and his cameo can be him being sent back in time the first time or something. That would suit me.

  19. I don’t understand the need for any real person (other than motion capture) to be a terminator. Just make them the walking metallic skeletons in this film. I thought the whole reason they made them look human was when they sent them back in time. So if this movie takes place in the future where the war is going on, I don’t see the need to even have the terminators look human.

  20. Vin Diesel has had one of the strangest career falls I have ever seen! WTF? happened with this guy. He literally fell from grace and disapeared from Hollywood in 2 movies.

    He only had one real Bomb in RIDDICK. the Pacifier, while skewered by the critics did make some money.

    Behind the scenes things got much worse for Diesel though. He has nothing but problems trying to get back on the big screen. He was kicked off of HITMAN, his Hannibal the Conqueror movie still has not gotten off the ground.

    What happened here? Even Pauly Shore had several theatrical bombs before his career failed!

    Is it because people figured out he can’t really act? because he plays the same guy in every role?
    Is he an Asshole behind the scenes that no one wants to work with?(like Wesley Snipes and Steven Seagal).

    I don’t care what anyone says, RIDDICK was a huge steaming pile of shit! Not only was the script terrible but technically it was one of the worst “Filmed” movies I have ever seen. The direction of the action was some of the worst I have ever scene and the film made no sense.

    The worst thing for Diesel was that he was so involved in the story and getting RIDDICK off the ground that he cannot pawn off the film on the writers or director and wash his hands of the film. It was film fromt he beginning.

  21. I agree with you in that they should go with a less conspicuous actor because when you think “terminator”, you think “the govenator.” HOWEVER, I think the reason Vin Diesel was really cool in Pitch Black was because he didn’t talk much. He was one of my favorite actors at that time. Then he did XXX and when I saw the preview to that I was so upset. I was like “what are you thinking? This is a terrible move on your part. How am I suppose to take you serious. XXX? gimme a fuckin BREAK!”

    Anyways, the guy should of stuck with the cool one liner movies for a while, while in he worked HEAVILY on his acting skills. He could’ve been HUGE, but yea.

    Anyways, with that being said, he may be great for the Terminator because that’s ALL that role is; ONE LINERS. And all else you gotta do is keep a sturdy face. DING! The chicken’s done!

  22. For some reason I like Vin Diesel. I first saw him in Pitch Black and then really liked him when he fleshed the character out in the Chronicles of Riddick. I’m a sucker for sci-fi, what can I say? I have yet to see him in any other films besides those two so I can totally see him going back to that genre to try and boost his career. If you think about it he really would fit the role pretty well. Go back and watch Pitch Black again and you’ll see similarities between the two roles.

    Terminator: Blank look from the sunglasses, No smile, No morale about killing, muscular actor that has a bad accent you can’t understand.

    Riddick: Staring for long periods of time for no reason while on screen, No smile, Wanted for being a murdering morale-less monster, has a bad accent and such a low range of speaking that its hard for you to understand.

    I’m on board for this one. I think they’ve picked a winner!

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