An Exorcist Remake?

Exorcist-SmallThis story has not yet been confirmed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true. One of the readers at IESB sent the site rumored news about the possibility of a remake to the movie deemed by many as the ‘scariest movie of all time.’

IESB gives us this:

News out of this past weekend’s International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival at the Harkins Centerpoint Theatre in Tempe-Linda Blair, there to introduce ‘THE EXORCIST,’ hinted that a remake of the film is in the works….and judging by the look on her face, she’s not happy about it.

I almost didn’t post this story, because I feel the need to boycott the never-ending remake craze! Granted, I don’t know how legit this news is. I’ve been to a Linda Blair panel in Toronto at a horror convention, and the only things she talked about were goddamn dogs, so any news taken from a Linda Blair panel, I take with a grain of salt. (So you guys can breathe for now) Although, like I said before…it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Warner Bros decided to remake ‘The Exorcist.’. Hollywood, stop REMAKING CLASSICS!!! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix IT!!

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18 thoughts on “An Exorcist Remake?

  1. This film is a horror classic!! There is no way a remake will be better than the original. This film is fine just as it is. It has its place in history as “The Scariest Movie of All Time”, let’s just leave it that way. In my opinion, it is a masterpiece. But, Hollywood probably will make a remake once the Author has passed on. There is not way he would let a remake be made while he (William Peter Blatty) is still alive. STOP REMAKING THE CLASSICS!!! LEAVE THIS FILM ALONE!!!

  2. I hate all these remakes. I must disagree with the poster who so loved The Changeling, that movie disappointed the heck out of me when I watched it a few weeks ago. It was not at all frightening.

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    I do not agree with most of the opinions I read on this blog. I think that warner bros could do a bang up job on a remake of this classic. It seems like it takes alot more these days to fulfill everyones horror hunger. it absolutely takes better special effects
    I say go for it warner brothers and feed the need. I know it will be another box office smasher. Oh just for the casting, Linda Blair probably should be left out of the running for a cameo appearance. She had her turn.

  4. I’m so bored of these remakes now. They are completely ruining the classics that came before them and desensetising me from horror flicks even more than i already was… because they are crap!


  5. I can normally stand remakes, and don’t really bash a movie before I see it… but oh man, this is completely unnecessary. What is it about the old version that needs to be updated? Absolutey NOTHING. It’s perfect as it is. It can still scare the bejezuz out of me when I watch it today. You can still show this thing in theaters today and people will still watch it.

    Yeah, like Terry said, I’m also wondering if they’ll replace Linda Blair’s character with a guy. he.he.

  6. Hollywood can not duplicate this one, even if they did, this classic is the scariest movie of all time. how can you duplicate something that cannot be touched

  7. To re-emphasize my point, Peter Jackson made an epic remake of King Kong that is in no way the cultural touchstone of the 1933 original. Just ask Ray Bradbury. I’m reminded of Mr. Scott in an episode of ST:TNG. He says something to the effect of “You will never love a woman quite the same way as you did the first one.” It’s true of starships, and it’s true of remakes of movies that don’t deserve a remake.

  8. This film is classic and a product of its time; a remake can only sully the original. You really had to be there at the time to feel the fear that film engendered in the general public. It was like when Jaws came out and people really wouldn’t go in the water. Exorcist is a cultural touchstone. They might as well remake Gone with the Wind and Citizen Kane. Assholes.

  9. Let’s see…

    Excorist II tried to cash in. It cashed out.
    Excorsist III had nothing to do with the previous films, until folks forced Willian Peter Blatty to have an excorism in the film so they could cash in on the author’s brand name and creation…didn’t really work.

    Excorist the prequel had two versions which is only great from a comparison standpoint with film schools around the globe. Other than that, the cashing in cashed out.

    So now someone wants to cash in on a title that’s brought nothing but woe to those behind it. Hokey dokey.

    Now, one of the best horror films (and legal dramas) in the past few years was The Excorcism Of Emily Rose. I knew excorisms , demon possession and Campbell’s cream of celery soup could make a major comeback, but I don’t think “this” is what people had in mind.

  10. Serena, did you really need to put that picture up? I just stopped having nightmares about that little girl, and now I’m going to start having them again. Thanks a lot.

    However, I do agree that Hollywood needs to stop it with these remakes, unless if it is really necessary.

  11. As much as I see John’s view of how remakes benefit from attention to the original, I have to agree with Serena. Oh shit, I feel a rant coming on.

    My big gripe with remakes is how the intention isn’t to give a new unique view or visoin on a familiar story, but to cash in on the name. I never saw The Exocist, but I look at that movie like a veteran of horror films. So news like this just makes me feel like they don’t care about the original, as long as money comes, all’s fair. I want to quickly say a Nightmare on Elm Street remake would be the WORST idea, IMO. That was Wes Craven’s baby that should be left alone, PERIOD!

    I would also like to say that the Texas Chainsaw remakes devalued my interest of the original (as painful it is for me to say that; haven’t watched it for a year!). Hell, I understand people trash on Rob Zombie’s Halloween, but I give props that the guy wanted to do something different, yet tribute the original.

    As far as remakes go, it can lean one way or the other. But still, how far can anyone go on a classic. Its like taking good old wine and just simply labeling another bottle that barely taste the same. We’ll see how the possible remake works out, if it is greenlit. Just my 2 cents.

  12. It doesn’t surprise me in the least. Of course, if they want to remake it, nothing will stop them based on the success of RZ’s Halloween.

    Personally, I was never a fan of The Exorcist and never really found it all that scary when I first watched it at the tender age of 18. I did, however, flip out over The Changeling.

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