Downloading Your Movie Rentals With MovieBeam

MovieBeam Download MoviesNow this is an interesting idea:

MovieBeam customers have purchased a $199 (U.S.) box on which 100 movies are stored at any time. Most titles are offered day and date with the home video version, which Izzard said was a first for high-definition digital distribution, and cost the same as pay-per-view.

The service replaces 10 movies each week, using technology called datacasting that piggybacks onto the unused parts of television broadcast signals to deliver 75 gigabytes a week without affecting TV reception.

Found here.

Sadly for me, I can’t test this new system out because it is only in the US. Even when I tried to go to their website I got a stopper page telling me that since i’m in Canada I can’t even look around. Bastards.

But seriously… I think people like Netflix and Blockbuster should be shaking in their proverbial boots right about now. This sounds like a fantastic system and I’ll be curious to see how MovieBeam does and how the market responds to them.

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3 thoughts on “Downloading Your Movie Rentals With MovieBeam

  1. I agree with hap, I just checked out their site and there is the activation fee as well as rental fees, which I didn’t care for. I think it can compete with Netflix if they adopt the same style of pricing, one rate per month as oppose to per movie.

  2. The pricing of this thing needs to come way down and the features way up before they have a Netflix/Blockbuster killer. The device costs $199, but you also get to pay a $29.99 activation fee, and the movie rentals are anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99. HD New Releases are $4.99. Additionally, HD movies *require* an HDMI connection which leaves my recently purchased Sharp LCD out of luck. Aside from that, you only have access to the movie for 24 hours.

    Nevertheless, it’s a modest start in a better direction.

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