Muppets are Coming Back

OK, since no one else is willing to talk about it I will. In the tradition of the Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island and after many years since we have seen a Muppet Movie on the big screen, (Muppets from Space 1999) our favourite actors with hands up their bums are back.

The Muppets will be retelling the story of the Wizard of Oz. Expect to see some notable celebrity as the role of Dorothy while the Muppets make up the remainder of the cast as they did in Treasure Island and Christmas Carol. But since a different studio owns the rights to all the music in the classic musical, don’t get your hopes up to hear any of those tunes.

It is a pity that the television variety show didn’t make the comeback that it deserved, but at least we can expect to see some of the same magic that keeps Kermit close to our hearts. (and Frank Oz employed after Star Wars: Episode 3 is finished)

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One thought on “Muppets are Coming Back

  1. Will Frank Oz be back? In the better-than-expected NBC Christmas Special last year, Frank Oz wasn’t around at all. Actually, the replacements for Piggy and Fozzie were quite good, as I didn’t even know until the end that they were voiced by different people. I was hoping that the next Muppet project would be along those lines, but it’s nice to see them back again either way.

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