China Theatres Show Commercials before a Feature – And Gets Sued For It.

commsue.jpgAnyone who thinks that we in North America have it right, has never watched a movie in China, let me tell you.

In a move that I would boldly endorse, The Globe and Mail reports that when forced to sit through 10 minutes of commercials before their feature film “Hero” (a fantastic flick with Donnie Yen and Jet Li), attendees revolted and took the theatre to court. Citing a “breach of contract” because the film DIDN’T START WHEN ADVERTISED (ARE YOU LISTENING Mr. AMC?!?!?!) a 6 month court battle ensued.

Eventually the theatre was forced to apologize, although they didn’t have to return any of their (with currency, works out to be) 6 dollars US they spent on their ticket.

The words do not exist that would adequately express how much I wish that someone with clout would do this in North America. I whole-heartedly agree that a Movie-listing should be just that: the **MOVIE’S** LISTING. Anything else is just extra garbage that 1) I shouldn’t have to pay for and 2) someone running the theatre shouldn’t be getting incentives to do.

Mind you, none of this counts for trailers. I could watch those all day. I would move to China over this — well, until I got hungry.

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One thought on “China Theatres Show Commercials before a Feature – And Gets Sued For It.

  1. I say we sue as well. Get everyone together and take a chunk out of these theatres raping our wallets to LET us watch their commercials. (Trailers are not commercials) I didn’t like the commercial when it was on TV, I don’t need to see a 3 minute version when I purposely LEAVE my home and PAY to watch a movie elsewhere.

    And they wonder why I sneak in candy and pop bought at the pharamacy across the hall.

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