In Defence of a Little

In Defence of a Little Gibberish
Allrighty, I read John’s blog there about "movies with thought" and if I be so bold as to suggest a place where many incredible films lie but the majority of people don’t know about: Foreign Flicks.  In particular, Honk Kong, Japanese, Korean and Thai flicks.  Very, very tasty stuff.

"Yeah, but they got, y’know those subtitles and, I hate reading". Well, perhaps I can interest you with a discount on a Godzilla dvd…

Last night I watched "Infernal Affairs". Which is a juicy little "Cops and Triads" show about each side containing a mole.  Both sides are busy trying to discover which of their people is the mole. Meanwhile, both moles try to keep themselves secret and, at the same time, fish out the opposing mole.  It has flavours of Hard Boiled (A John Woo / Chow Yun Fat flick from Hong Kong, that if you haven’t seen, you really should) and even shares a few cast members with the flick.  Performances are solid, funky story (even though the elements have been done before) and has a spitfire ending.  (I’ve heard rumour there are two endings, and I’ve also heard rumour that Brad Pitt has purchased "re-make rights" to it.)

Either way folks, there’s a billion flicks out there that you’ll never see at your local big screen that could potentially blow your socks off.  Head out to China Town and buy some.  And go see Shaolin Soccer on the 15th of August while you’re at it.)

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