Terminator Salvation 4 Minute Trailer

I’m finally starting to get a little excited about the upcoming Terminator: Salvation flick. It’s not easy. I still have massive reservations about it since McG is directing it. Still… the trailers have looked solid (nothing mind blowing as far as I’m concerned, but solid) and it is the Terminator, so you’ve got to be at least a little excited right?

Well… a new 4 minute Terminator: Salvation trailer has been released, and it’s the best one so far. Looking pretty tight. I’m still not blown away by it entirely, but it is looking pretty sweet. What do you think?

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41 thoughts on “Terminator Salvation 4 Minute Trailer

  1. my daughter asked me today about this film and wanted to know if I would go see it. I told her no BUT after watching this trailer, I believe I will definitely go see this when it comes out. Looked friggin’ awesome ad the BEST trailer for the film that I’ve seen so far. I’ve got the first three on DVD-can’t wait until this one comes out later in the year

  2. I’ve been waiting for this movie so damn long and by every trailer it looks better and better…gonna be one awesome movie.

    …and like someone already said…screw transformers, this is how robots should be done!

  3. awesome, can’t wait. a couple things i worry about though. McG is an idiot and wants to take things back to the present for the next film – which is a horrible idea. he came up with a dumb ending that was scrapped because it was, well, dumb. and the running time worries me.

  4. Hey,

    so John I see you thought about the HD thing :D this is a lot better thank you those youtube things are just shit!! sry but from a technical point of view its true! This is much better!! thanks a lot.
    I’am really hyped for T4 but the last days read some pretty shit stuff from McG! what he said about future movies or alternative endings he had in Mind and it made me mad!! so mad!! McG has no story feeling she should keep his hands away from the script!!! I’d like another director for T5 as well!! I dont care how good he made T4!! if this one has succes WB may let McG make some story decisions and then?? what then?? he will screw Terminator up!! Totally!!

  5. John, I am beginning to worry about your mental health. You are “beginning” to get “a little” excited about T4???? All I can say to that is HU? I really have nothing more to say than that. oh and that trailer was tight. That lil kid playing Kyle Reese is fuckin killin it. Solid in Star Trek and now this? Two HUGE summer blockbusters in ONE summer. DAMN KID!

  6. I had never heard of this director, so I didn’t have any preconceived notions of what he could or couldn’t, or should or shouldn’t do. I just know I’ve been excited since the first trailer, and I’m even more stoked now. This move looks amazing…like what Terminator 2 should have been.

  7. 3 words: Michael Fucking Ironside. That’s all I needed to see. Between him and Bale unleashing an ass whipping on the metal I’m sold.

  8. Wow this movie for me just gained a lot of hype that’s not of the Christian Bale flipping the fuck out on some guy on the set and then Family Guy making fun of it kind. I will more then likely be seeing this May 24th only because I work Thursday Friday and Saturdays.

  9. looking fantastic. im very hyped about this movie (which means it will probly disapoint)im also concerned about the lack of a r rating.

  10. This looks absolutely amazing! I really think they pulled it off. The world they’ve established looks desolate and grityy and the action looks phenomenal.

  11. OMG that was fucking amazing. I also had my doubts but that trailer made got me pretty excited about the movie.

    1. It would be good if it was r rated. I mean just if they gave it r it would not help but if it earned an R like the first two it would be amazing. Terminator is suppose to mix horror and action and I don’t see this happening in this film.

    2. It’ll probably have some unrated cut come out.

      I think it can still work for PG-13, but I’d prefer an R rated version.

  12. dude seriously this movie trailer makes me want to shit on transformers…..you aint gonna find a smart ass camaro here!

  13. looking better with each trailer…but im with walker on this, im not doin anything more then renting Terminator 1 and T2 in the next couple weeks so my girl can get excited too.haha

  14. I was excited but my anticipation was truly hurting…NOW I CANNOT WAIT FOR MAY 21ST!!!!!!!!

    Wow this looks amazing but I’m getting worried they are showing too much.

    BTW “You will not kill me”

    Bad ass Bale right there

    1. Really? I thought this was bad-ass Bale:


      Or maybe that’s crazy Bale. I always get those two mixed up.

  15. I’ve read the novelization and I can tell you that from a story-aspect, its a very solid film. Now obviously I can’t comment on direction, acting, music, CGI, ect, but the story part of it on its own, is pretty damn solid.

  16. Wow…that looks great!

    I was already sold on this, but this trailer just sealed the deal.

    I just dont want any more spoilers! Im not reading anything else from here on.

    You should all do the same…

  17. it looks good, and everything that I hear and see so far makes me feel that this is going to be good.

  18. I have to admit the trailer looks good and I hope McG can pull this off. I’m not a big fan of his work, Directorial stuff anyway. But I do like the TV show Supernatural which he Exec. Produces.

    I hope this is not a dumming down of a once great franchise. I agree with everyone else T3 just sucked. Please be good!

  19. well even though i don’t feel to comfy with who’s directing, i think he’s doing a solid job with this film, from the look of the film to who was a chosen to be john connor and its supporting characters. now with the earlier news about McG wanting to bring back time travel, to me that sounds awesome depending on how is done. Lets just all hope this film ends up being waaaaaaay better than T3 cause that one left a sour taste even though it looked great

  20. This 4 minute trailer is as impressive as all the other footage I’ve seen so far. One thing that bugs me about action in films is this shaky cam and fast editing that cuts away before an impact. A lot of films do it, which makes it hard to take in the action, thankfully it seems that Salvation avoids this.

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