Kate Beckinsale Finished With Underworld

Beckinsale-Underworld-DoneUnderworld is an interesting franchise. It has everything going for it… a fantastic visual style, a wonderful background mythology, terrific fashion, a drop dead hottie in the lead (who doesn’t love Kate Beckinsale in tight leather?), a high geek appeal factor (who doesn’t like to see Werewolves fighting Vampires?) and very solid characters. The problem with the Underworld films to this point has been execution. The first film didn’t live up to its potential, but was still pretty good and showed great promise for further installments… however… Underworld 2 was a garbage pile with a great and mighty stench.

Underworld 3 is already underway, and I quite excited about it. Why? Because they seem to be righting the ship and playing to the franchises strengths for the third one. This one will be a prequel set way back in the day before Selene (Beckinsale) became a vampire and left her co-star boyfriend for the director. Oh wait… that was real life. Anyway…

A new Underworld movie with Viktor as the main character is EXACTLY what I want to see. Viktor is the best vampire character I’ve even seen in a film… or at least my favorite. Viktor (played by the always amazing Bill Nighy) embodies everything that is positive in the Underworld series (aside from tight leather).

Anyway, at a recent press conference for another one of her films, Beckinsale was asked if she’ll be making any sort of cameo in the next Underworld film, or if she’ll be returning to the role later on. Our friends over at IESB have her response:

Beckinsale did offer that she’d like to maybe one day “pull a Bruce Willis” and return to her character at 50. (How a vampire gets to 50, I have no idea.) But unfortunately for fans, there’s no cameo appearance in the upcoming third film

So basically, what’s she’s saying is that she’s finished with the Underworld series. And that’s fine. I loved her in the role… but the real potential strength of Underworld is in the mythology… and if they play that part right, the franchise can be just fine without her.

26 thoughts on “Kate Beckinsale Finished With Underworld

  1. Without Kate it isn’t the same. She is prettier than that new girl and acts better than her. That new ones accent makes it hard to understand her. It’s like when they try to re-make old TV shows. Not the same……

  2. I’ve watched all the underworld movies and there is nothing wrong about the prequel. What i’m trying to look forward to is the story about Michael and where did there hybrid race originate. In part 1 it was shown that Michael was a descendant of one of the elders in which i forgot the name. If Michael was a hybrid and more powerful than either a werewolf and a vampire. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could see an elderly vampire turns into a hybrid from the drop of blood coming from a werewolf in part 1?

  3. They must continue the story with Selene and Michael and the now new hybrid race. Resurect Lucian and Marcus and Viktor. And I can say for myself that putting in another actress for Selene will ruin the movie.

  4. I don’t think we’ll see a sequel that takes up where UW2 ended. The whole “a new world dawns with endless possibilities” (IOW, the end of the second film) is a difficult place to start a sequel, and I think the lack of an established conflict.

    See, the first two films built on types we already know: normal vampires, normal werewolves, normal humans. Society knows no archetypical “immortal werepire” to give us context.

    KB is seriously hot, and I’ll admit she’s 30% (oh, be honest, Dave… 50%) of what I got out of 1 & 2, but I don’t want to see her show up as a middle-aged vampire soccer mom running the cute little leeches to after-school violin practice. If the future plot would continue to follow her character, she’d have to remain kidless. The character just can’t handle the transition to motherhood, IMHO. Kind of worked in the Terminator series, won’t work here.

    Darned shame, too… I wanted to see the scene where an 8-months pregnant Selene sits in a housedress in the recliner watching TV, b*tching at Michael to get off his lazy *ss and go get her some ice cream.

  5. I would love to see a 4th installment to the underworld series.Ofcourse Lucian needs to be brought back because he kicked so much ass.Selene was a great character but the whole war started around the bases of Lucian,The Lycan King and Viktor the Vampire Lord.I wouldnt think twice if they decided to just forget about the other two movies and start over from scratch.

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  7. This series pulls me in…it takes me to a time and place that is alluring, captivating and fantastically attractive. I am forever drawn to dark, romantic, mythical worlds. Kate is definitely one of my favorites and like most of you, was dissapointed to see that she will not be in the next one…however, I love the creation and will trust the ride until proven otherwise…I saw the first one in imax & will look for this one as well. If you are out there Kate, please return to your calling…it is your destiny~

  8. They should keep her in.
    there is a third one already coming out but that is what happened before she became a vampire.
    And if they do make another one with selene in it, and Kate beckinsale is not selene it’s just not going to be as good.
    No beckinsale no fourth movie with selene.

  9. I thought the first two were phenomenal…we’ll see about #3, or is it 1/2? I don’t have my expectations too high, but will go in open minded….

  10. You people are crazy. The Underworld movies are freaking AWESOME! I was upset at first when I found out Kate wasnt in the 3rd, but after seeing the previews for the 3rd, im excited about this one as well. I didnt think that greatly of Viktor in the first, but he wasnt horrible. He played his role well, is all I will say. As for the 3rd movie, it comes out today and I am going to see it tonight. I think the whole Underworld series is a breath of fresh air compared to the crap movies they are coming out with anymore.

  11. OK- so KB’s Selene looked great (no-outstanding) in the outfit, could fire a weapon without flinching in the camera and brought a powerful yet vulnerable side to the role of a female death-dealing vampire. Sheesh, what a concept. And- the 2nd movie left the end so open that the franchise could still go just about anywhere.

    But, there is something magic about those vampires dressed in armor that looks like it was lifted from the Elves in Lord of The Rings… and the pure vitriolic EVIL that oooooozes from Viktor. I am eagerly looking forward to the prequil. Not only should it be a total gore fest between races of fantastical creatures, it could be a pivotal event in the story telling surrounding vampires.

    As much as I respect KB, her screen presence and her body of work…Kate who? She can pick up the future anytime her ego and wallet see fit. For now, let’s delve deeply into the pure fantacy of a vampiric past, and get lost in the adventure while we do it!

  12. Kate and Scott defined both movies by interjecting the same passion that Lucian felt for Sonja, That is what sparked the ongoing “battle” and brought us to the third movie. Both were filled with excellent fight scenes. I am not going to watch “Rise of the Lycans” without two of the best characters. That’s how I roll !!

  13. Kate Beckinsale the only one that brought the fans to the second movie and made it great. Sense I heard about the thrid one with out hear I can garuntee that it will never be as good as the first too, but also what about the hybrid. They made love but the hybrid was more lycan then vampire it there is a baby it will be one third vampire, one thrid lycan, and one thrid imortal where is that. Hope she comes back.

  14. Kate Beckinsale great as Selene, the two movies will always be classics lets see if Underworld 3 can be as good with out her.

  15. Well, I see it like this. Both movies did enouph flash backs to satisfy a beginning. BUT… this trailer looks to be a great movie. I grow tired of prequils myself, but the fact that it still looks like a great movie has me sold.
    Kate left it? Well, that is sad. But as you can see, there is another hot chick. I just hope she does as well with the role.
    I think I can personally forgive a prequil in this as long as they dont do like batman and start the next movie, after the prequil, back to the beginning all over again (not saying that wasnt a good movie, I havent seen it) but I would rather see the next one continue from the second one that was made.

    If no more are made after this, I’ll be alot less of a fan. That is for certain.

    Another words, you got the prequil, good, great! But please dont start from the biginning of the first one again. Go on to continue from the end of the second one.

    Something to look forward to in January.

  16. I disagree, to anyone who doesnt fall asleep in a movie theatre, you wouldnt have had much of a prob following #2

    Sorry, but you have to catchup if you didnt get it.

    the 3rd one looks promising, I am sure there will be at least a 4th to take off from where Selene left … (Katie).

  17. I personally loved movies one and two. However knowing that the third movie is going back in time is a little disappointing, especially since at the end of the second movie it was Selene talking about how there were still going to be battles going on within the two clans and within the families themselves and that “darkness still lies ahead.” The end of the second movie left you wanting for a third movie in order to answer those questions left hanging about the future of the two factions. So I don’t understand going back in time when it was left with questions about the future. As disappointed as I am about this, however, I am still planning on seeing the movie (despite that there is no Selene or Michael) because I love the underworld movies. I do hope that there will now be a fourth movie however with Selene and Michael answering those questions about the future.

  18. OK, for some reason I cannot understand the general dislike toward the second film. I mean, yes, there were some weak points, but overall, I felt that the film played on the storyline very well and offered some visual enhancements to the characters, (albeit, Markus was a bit lame, IMHO). That said, I am not quite sure how I feel about the announcement of the 3rd film. In one sense, I really want to see the story progress onward. A post-Viktor, post-Markus world would be interesting for sure. And, correct me if I am wrong, Selene is now a day-walker. I wonder how that will play out.
    On the other hand, I love period-films, and a fantasy film in the dark ages is hard to beat when done right. To top it off a big ‘ol blood war between Lycans and Vampires might be just what this franchise needs to overcome the somewhat harsh criticism it has taken from the movie-going community regarding the 2nd installment.

  19. Ok. I liked both Underworld movies, but… I expected the sequel, not the prequel. I’m a bit dissapointed. I want to see the continuation of the story, not their implementation of the known story given in the first two movies.

    Also, when I like movie I get sort of connected with main characters, so I don’t like replacements. What I think the situation here is that the main character(s) refused to appear in the new Underworld movie, so they decided to completely change the approach (and make prequel instead of sequel) in order to avoid any drastic changes. I think, almost everyone (if not everyone, but myself for sure) would never like to see any other actress in the role of Selena except for Kate Beckinsale.

    There is more to say, but to make it short, I am absolutely sure I won’t like this one as the first two or at all.

  20. This new one is going to be garbage…. If they go back in time, back with victor then they are leaving out the only thing that makes this different than any other vampire or were wolf, a hybrid. Without that, i have no desire to watch the new one. the previouse two will still be my two favorite movies. I’m just dissapointed in this unfortunate news about the new one.

  21. I am a fan of vampires and werewolf rivalry in movies. I also loved Kate and a big fan. That makes Evolution 1 and 2 perfect. It really needs a sequel or prequel to answer hanging questions. Well the characters very cool and really rocks…kate what i can say is really hot…whew

  22. I agree with both Erika and Gary. I loved the first Underworld and didnt like the 2nd part at all. I think this is because I had no expectations for the first one and even thought it was better than average I thought it was awesome and my expectations for the 2nd one were really high. I watched the 2nd and it was like a 5 but felt it was worse b/c of my expectations.

  23. I loved the first Underworld. But the second one sucked! It left so many things unanswered. I left the theater thinking WTF???? I hope the third one is way better and starts to answer some questions I am sure alot of us are still thinking about.

  24. Does anyone know if Lucian (Michael Sheen) will be back in this one?

    I love this series; I love the mythology of the movies and the books. I am looking forward to this one.

    “A new Underworld movie with Viktor as the main character is EXACTLY what I want to see. Viktor is the best vampire character I’ve even seen in a film… or at least my favorite. Viktor (played by the always amazing Bill Nighy)” — I agree 100%, Nighy was fu*king awesome in the first movie.

  25. I understand her wanting to move on, but she isn’t exactly setting the world on fire with her other film roles. She’s pretty, but her talent has never made me sit up and take notice. If her career keeps going the way that it has, she’ll be slipping on the leather catsuit again, mark my words.

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