Alien vs Predator Trailer – and What’s That?

Okay, so I just noticed that Aintitcool had a link to the Internet Exclusive Trailer for Alien vs. Predator due out this summer.

Now besides the fact that the Predator will take everything to the bank, and besides the fact that everyone loves debating this, the trailer isn’t giving us much to look at for longer than maybe a half second – which gets annoying after the first 30.

However, there’s not much sticking out in so far as “spoiler” clues with the exception of that shot to the left there. Any ideas what that is? Is is just a “badder” looking mask? I hope not. Is it supposed to be “badder” looking teeth? I hope not also. I mean, it might be cool – but the last time the “mean creature” was “Bigger and Badder” was Jurassic Park 3. And since I’ve never heard the sentence: “Jurassic Park 3 Rocked my Hoop!”, it makes me a wee bit iffy on the whole “Badder” image.

Whatever. He’ll win anyway.

10 thoughts on “Alien vs Predator Trailer – and What’s That?

  1. I would like to voice my opinion on AVP-the movie. I find that this movie lacks elements… its really a let-down! Being a huge fan of Alien and Predator, I find that the movie is an insult to the 2 best Sci-fi creatures. I really don’t understand what is Paul Anderson thinking? I just find that there’s something missing in the movie… something, which was in the all the Alien and Predator movies. Hmmm… the movie lacks suspense, lacks a good ending and lots more. Where on earth is the great battle between Aliens and Predators? In the movie, only a one-to-one combat, seriously speaking, the fight is not exactly very impressive… it makes Alien and Predator looks very stupid. Even the fight with the Alien queen is so short and simple, makes the Alien Queen looks so stupid and weak. The movie is the worst of all the Alien and Predator movies. Perhaps I expect too much from the movie… but then again, don’t all fans of Alien and Predator expect the same?

  2. Okay I gotta say that I was prepared to give this one the benefit of the doubt, and those initial teasers looked nice, but I’ve seen the tv spots a few times in the last couple days and they look horrible. Absolutely wretched.

  3. omg its so simple, all that mask is, is that individual predato, there all unique with there equipment so all there shit is custom made, yall are giving it too much thought…

  4. PS, checkout the official site, the world is agreeing with me, aliens are winning the poll by nearly twenty thousand votes.

  5. Aliens are smart, and they never go away. four movies now, they’ve had their numbers decimated, but if you look at the body count i’m pretty sure the aliens are still up on the human race. And ripley cheats. every stinking movie she opens up the blasted airlock and sucks the alien out. except the thrid movie, but that alien came from a dog so he wasnt as smart as the rest. Also, the aliens destroyed the best the military had to send, twice. they eat soldiers like arnold for breakfast. I’d like to see the predator survive against ripley. she’d proly shove him out the airlack too, and i know that mask isn’t gonna save him in space. and the seslf destruct will only get aliens within a few blocks, we always have more ready to come and dominate. and if you facehug a predator he can’t self destruct, then your all in trouble. ;)

  6. The Alien always finds a way- i hate those damn things- they wont lose- not entirely anyway- watch those bastards are smart as hell-

  7. The aliens? sigh, I have to run to the predator’s rescue all the time don’t I?

    Here it is:

    – Defeated by the Best Soldier the Army can call up – who was also Armed. So was his entire extraction team.

    – Defeated by an unarmed loadlifter.

    And once again, even **IF** the alien “won” (no chance, but if it DID), the predator’s self destruct would ensure the best the Alien would do would be tie.

  8. They did have a cross in the video games, but it didn’t look anything like that. unfortunately it probably is a “badder mask”, but i think every predator has their own mask so it could just be different. not that it matters, he’s gonna die a horrible death at the hands of the aliens anyway. fancy tech don’t mean squat.

  9. I think maybe its an ancient or heavy predator. According to the books and stuff they are the teachers and the police of thier society. Leading hunts of passage for the youths and hunting down criminals. Or maybe its a heavy suit they designed after gettin’ kicked by Arnold and Danny. :)
    Either way, Im there.

  10. Perhaps it is not a “badder” image. Maybe it is a cross between an Alien and a Predator. I think they had some computer game with a character in it like that. I could be wrong about the computer game thing and if i am then i just came up with that cool idea.

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