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Patty Jenkins Might Be Making “Rogue Squadron” After All

Hold onto your helmets, Star Wars fans! Remember that “Rogue Squadron” movie Patty Jenkins was supposed to direct? The one about daring fighter pilots zooming around a galaxy far, far away? Well, get this: it sounds like it might not be dead in the water after all!

The History of Rogue Squadron

Back in 2020, everyone flipped out when Patty Jenkins, the director behind the “Wonder Woman” movies, signed on to helm a Star Wars flick called “Rogue Squadron.” The movie was supposed to hit theaters in December 2023, but then things got messy. By September 2022, “Rogue Squadron” mysteriously vanished from the release schedule. Well, in a recent interview, Patty Jenkins dropped a bomb that has Star Wars fans doing the Kessel Run in record time. She says she’s back on track to write the script for “Rogue Squadron”! Apparently, this whole thing came about after her “Wonder Woman 3” project at DC Studios hit a snag.

Here’s the inside scoop: When Jenkins left Star Wars to focus on “Wonder Woman 3,” there was always a chance she’d return to a galaxy far, far away after finishing up with the Amazon princess. So, a deal was struck to make that happen. But then, “Wonder Woman 3” got canceled, leaving things up in the air. It seems like both Lucasfilm (the folks who make Star Wars movies) and Jenkins were down to keep the “Rogue Squadron” dream alive. According to Jenkins, they finalized the deal right before a big industry strike, and now she’s gotta write a script!

The Future of Rogue Squadron

Now, here’s the thing: while Jenkins is working on the script, there’s no official confirmation yet that “Rogue Squadron” is definitely happening. But hey, at least there’s movement! Jenkins seems totally on board, saying she’d be “absolutely” happy to make the movie. She loves the Star Wars universe and the emotions it evokes, and she wants to create something beautiful for the fans.

So, what does this all mean? Well, it means Star Wars fans should keep their lightsabers crossed (or blasters holstered, whatever your weapon of choice is). Patty Jenkins returning to the “Rogue Squadron” project is a positive sign, and with her talent and passion, this could be a truly epic space adventure. May the Force be with us all as we wait for more news!

Source: Variety

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