Backyard Movies: How to Get Them Right


Who doesn’t love movies?

Whether it’s in a darkened theater, the comfort of your own living room, or outside in the backyard, movies are something that most people agree on.

Outdoor movies have become a big thing in recent years. So, if you’re considering hosting an outdoor movie night in your backyard, there are a few things you can do to get it right and make it the best event you’ve had in years.

If you really want your outdoor movie night to be a huge hit, follow the tips we’ve gathered below.

Choose the Right Movie

Of course, this is going to depend on your guests, but choosing the right movie is essential to success.

It’s actually best to go with a classic movie when choosing it for outdoor viewing. Inevitably, guests are going to want to snack, move around, and socialize among themselves. So, you don’t want a movie that’s too involved or one that you have to watch every step of the action to know what’s happening.

Choose simple, straightforward, and classic for the best results.

Set the Mood

Everyone knows that the mood you set for a movie can make a difference to the people watching it. For example, for a romantic movie for two in the backyard, you might want to supply champagne, strawberries, and other romantic stuff. Of course, the stars will be there on their own, so you have a leg up already.

If you’re hosting an anime movie night, instead, try scattering anime gear from various anime boxes you’ve gathered to set the mood, and give your guests a little extra to take home with them.

Whatever genre you choose, make sure the mood matches for the best results.

Timing Is Everything

Of course, you’re not going to want to start your movie until it’s fully dark outside, so the movie gives the full viewing experience. However, it’s best to ask guests to arrive a full hour before dark.

This is because most people come to backyard movie gatherings to socialize, and arriving an hour early lets them do that and be ready to settle down and watch the movie when it begins.

Set Blankets Close to the Screen

Kids love to be where the action is. Setting blankets close to the screen will ensure they can see and hear everything that’s going on. Remember, this is a late-night adventure for most kids that they don’t get often, so sitting them close to the screen heightens the fun.

Don’t forget to scatter a few cushions around as well, so they have something to lay back on while they watch the screen above.

Have an Intermission

You want your outdoor movie to be the perfect opportunity for your friends and family to catch up and socialize in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. You can keep this atmosphere by having an intermission halfway through the movie or wherever a good time to pause might be.

This gives your guests time to stretch their legs, use the facilities, and stock up on refreshments before the movie begins again. It also gives them time to talk to one another for about 30 minutes, which is an excellent intermission time limit.

If you’re throwing a themed outdoor movie experience, this is the perfect time to provide themed entertainment as well.

When it comes to outdoor movie nights, you want them to be cozy, casual, and above all, fun.

Though the movie is, of course, supposed to be the star attraction, the atmosphere should also play a huge part in the process for a relaxed, casual experience.

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