TV Show Seasons that make you travel the World

Sometimes we come across a TV show that makes us want to do wonders. It awakens something within us and we just can’t help suppress it. I want to talk about travel shows that made me get off my lazy arse and actually do some exploring, not just in the worlds far beyond, but one within myself as well. I know I have been doing so well from the moment I got a hold of AT&T Internet along with their extremely supportive customer service, which has never failed to amuse me. You may reach out to them at any time of the day for any sort of assistance. No evening goes by without me finishing a bowl of salted popcorns in front of my laptop, discovering the world virtually. 

I am not sure if they would resonate with you or not, but if you get enough time you just seriously have to check them out. Watch at least an episode or 2 before judging them on the basis of trailers or anything.


Three friends set out on a journey to add a little fun to their lives. They were bored with their daily routines so – of course – like any other normal person they went traveling. I am kidding, duh, not everyone has the guts to leave everything and just travel around for a whole year. They started the show as an experiment that turned out fine enough to land 3 seasons. 

The show has won 3 Gemini Awards so far. You can think of the show as an extended version of the 1-minute videos by Nas Daily but with different people. Although the show aired on OLN, a Canadian network, you can subscribe to it on Netflix as well.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Anthony is a chef who wants to travel the world and get a taste of every cuisine that has and will ever exist on earth. The show is funny when it needs to be, but also counters tabooed or dark topics when it comes down to such debates. They don’t shy away from as a show to put forth their opinions. The main theme of the show is, obviously, food because well … chef!! Duh! 

The magic about this particular show is that no matter what the backgrounds, people always come together when it comes to food. Food links us all to each other. Sometimes, without even meeting people from other countries we know a little about them because we tasted their cuisine. Each food dish tells a different story – you just need to look keenly into it. 


This show also airs on OLN, Canada … don’t be sad … it airs on Discovery as well as the Science channel too. The show literally takes the combination of goosebumps, mystery, curiosity, and thrill to a new level. 

In this show, survival expert, Les Stroud, is placed in the most bizarre of locations and setting for a week – in this show. The expert is provided with limited necessities and lives raw. He survives throughout the week and shows the audience a few survival tactics to use if they ever end up in similar situations. The show has won 2 awards in different categories; photography and writing. 

It’s never too late, and it’s okay if you missed out on these three shows, you can always connect to the latest ones. Or, you may watch older episodes on the internet if you’re able to spare some extra time. All you need is a good cable subscription like mine to go on a binge-watch spree or a reliable internet connection that offers a seamless streaming experience.  


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