Famous movies shot at real-life casinos

Movies based on themes with gambling and casinos are entertaining and fun to watch. It is exciting to watch famous actors and actresses having a neck to neck competition with their opponents at a high-stakes casino game and living the casino life. Most of the gambling films cover a wide range of games starting from poker, blackjack to slots, roulette, etc. People who watch these films and have an active interest in casinos should log into a genuine casino website to take advantage of more such games. For people who live in countries that observe a strict crackdown policy on casinos and gambling, these movies provide them with a glimpse of a real-life casino environment and the thrill to play for big opportunities and money. Different genres have covered casino themes. Such themes are not just restricted to Hollywood but are produced in other parts of the world as well. Some films invest a lot in set design and built a replica of a real-life casino to create a very realistic look. But there are some films that have shot the scenes at a real casino which people can actually visit. Since these films have been shot at real locations, they add realism and authenticity to story-telling. There are movies available for every gambler’s interest. 

Casino (1995)

Martin Scorsese loves to play with concepts of realism and genuineness in his films. His film Casino, featuring the great Robert De Niro, has been shot at Riveria Casino in Las Vegas. The movie instantly became a top favourite among gambling enthusiasts as it popularised the casino and the glamorous Las Vegas lifestyle. It is said that right after watching the film, some people actually drove up to Las Vegas to get a glimpse of the casino. The stylish casino floor hosts various kinds of games that will make any gambling enthusiast jump with joy and excitement. The 1995 thriller does not disappoint its viewers with the authentic look of the casino. The makers wanted to keep everything real, including the guests of the casinos. They wanted to make it as real as any actual casino environment.

Vegas Vacation (1997)

It is a dream for every gambler to take a trip to Las Vegas and play at its top and famous casinos. Vegas Vacation is shot at one of the best casinos of Las Vegas called The Mirage. The movie is based on the protagonist’s gradual growth in passion and love towards casinos. Chevy Chase who is the main protagonist develops a sudden inclination towards gambling and everything that an exciting casino life has to offer. The movie does a good job at portraying small details of the casino very well including the grand hotels and VIP locations. The casino floor hosting interesting table and machine games will make any gambler want to visit the casino.

Ocean’s 11 (2001)

An ensemble of great and talented actors including Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, Ocean’s 11 is a must-watch for every gambling enthusiast out there. The movie was shot at one of the most popular gambling locations called The Bellagio. The glitz and glamour of the casino make the film more attractive and stylish. It provides the viewer with an inside glance of the casino where they will come to know that the name Bellagio is inspired from a tiny helmet at Lake Como in Italy.

The Hangover (2009)

The hangover is one hell of a laughing riot. The film has shot some of its best scenes at a casino called the Caesar’s Palace situated in Paradise, Nevada. Owing to the popularity of the movie, the casino became a centre of attention for all major gaming enthusiasts. The casino is widely known for its vast range of games. The architecture is something to check out for. Upon entering the casino, the visitors will think that they have entered Rome. Even the viewers watching the film on screens will literally get transported to Rome.


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