Best movies on poker every gambling enthusiast should watch

Poker is one of the most popular games in the casino industry. Every brick and mortar casino has a poker table. Even online games have variations of poker. Among online blackjack games, slots, roulette etc. poker is voted as the most played game of all. The rules of the game are simple and easy to follow. It is also easy to play. Apart from the online blackjack game, online poker is one of the top searches in online card games. Owing to its popularity, the game has also become a central theme in many of the movies. There have been many films featuring Texas Hold Them, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw etc. Most of these films feature poker hands which can be fun for poker fans to watch. Even though Rounders has been voted as the most-watched film among the players, there have been other poker films that stood out as masterpieces. These films have depicted the nuances of the game articulately and have placed focus on different variations of poker. Some of them have big names and have been nominated for various awards. Apart from the intriguing storylines, fancy locations, glamour, catchy background music and production designs make these films worth watching.


All the big James Bond fans would rate Casino Royale as one of the entertaining espionage thrillers in the entire Bond franchise. Poker plays an integral part in the film. Most of the iconic scenes have been shot near the poker table including every shot with Felix Leiter, Bond’s fatal heart-attack and Le Chiffre’s death when he fails to repay the money with his winnings. One of the criticisms that the film faces is the unrealistic portrayal of the poker game. Poker players have pointed out major flaws and the lack of authenticity in the gameplay. Despite these flaws, the game still remains a poker classic.


Aaron Sorkin is a master of storytelling. His poker classic starring big names like Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba gives an insight into the lives of celebrities and their involvement in the game called Molly’s game. The film qualifies as one of the finest poker classics made in recent times. Even though the film does lose out a bit on the entertainment value, it is credited with a very nuanced and authentic portrayal of poker and the world of casinos apart from great performances by the leading protagonists. 


A stellar combination of road movie and poker movie, this Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn starter movie never fails to tickle people’s bones. The two protagonists embark on a road trip to escape from the thugs in Mississippi owing to their failure of repaying debts. Mendelsohn mesmerizes the viewers with a spectacular and convincing performance, thereby gaining the sympathy of the audience towards the utterly miserable and hopeless character Gerry. This movie checks all the list of fun, entertainment, suspense and comedy and should be on the must-watch list of every poker player.


No poker movie can be left out with the timeless classic called the Rounders. This film explores the game in depth without losing out on nuance and realism. As the film progresses, the story sheds light on friendships, Poker World Series, bankroll management and the iconic fight against Johnny Chan. The scene opens with Mike McDermott and Worm engaged in a head-to-head battle with Ted KGB to win back all the lost money. This is what sets Rounders apart from the rest of the classics. Matt Damon and Ed Norton delivered amazing performances and can be hailed as one of their best in their acting careers. No one can play the role of the villain perfectly than John Malkovich. Each scene of the film was mixed with the right amount of tension and intensity which perfectly built up the pace of the film.

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