The most popular casino-based TV shows of all time

Gambling is a type of recreational activity which is often thoroughly enjoyed by a certain section of people, but is misunderstood by others who don’t share the same passion as them. When it comes to movies and TV shows, there’s not a huge variety of gambling-themed programs that can appeal directly to the gambling lovers. However, there are certain casino-based TV shows which have had a huge impact on gambling lovers across the world. Let’s tell you about some of them below.


Poker After Dark

Poker After Dark was a poker themed show that involved some of the biggest names from the professional poker world. You’d see household names such as Daniel Negreanu showing off their skills against the other big sharks of the poker world. People loved this show because it gave them an insight into the minds of the pro-level poker players, and also gave them learning about how they could change their own poker strategies and bring in some novel elements into their poker game. Getting all those insights used to prove quite fruitful and often highly profitable for amateur poker players everywhere.


Caesars Challenge

Having aired on the NBC for two years from 1993 till 1994, this casino-themed show has all the makings of a perfect throwback. It was a very simple show to follow and was filmed right inside the Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace Casino. In essence, it was a reality game show which was much ahead of its time, and came much before reality shows became such a big thing in the world of television. Participants of the show used to be asked some questions by Ahmad Rashad, the host. The answers would get displayed on a huge slot machine. It was an easy to understand and highly entertaining game show with the participants getting a chance to win up to $ 500 by solving some puzzles. Considering the kind of no deposit offers for casino available these days, that may not seem like a huge sum, but used to be a big deal at that point of time!

Celebrity Poker Showdown

What could be better than watching your favourite TV and movie celebrities going up against each other in a widely watched celebrity poker show?! That’s exactly what was put on the air by this hugely popular poker show. Fans were allowed to lock in their favourite stars whom they wanted to play against each other, and be in with a chance to win some serious cash.

Celebrity Poker Showdown’s biggest differentiator was the fact that the pot amount could get pretty high within few minutes as the celebrities had ample financial backing, and could place huge wagers. In fact, the pot amount would often be in the vicinity of $ 1 million for a single hand! Watching this show used to serve as a major motivation for the upcoming poker players.

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