Greatest Bets On-Screen

From James Bond to ‘The Kid’, over the years we’ve seen some big characters make some even bigger bets on-screen.

Characters dating back to 1875 have been throwing themselves into wild situations for the purpose of our entertainment. ‘Maverick’, a 90’s film set in the 1800’s sees a gambler work his way onto a steamboat for a high-stakes poker game where cheaters are thrown overboard. The main character, Bret Maverick, manages to work his way to the top, winning a prize of $500,000 which is the equivalent of $10.5 million today.

Fast forward to the 30s and we see Johnny Hooker in ‘The Sting’ conning a gangster into losing $500,000 on a single horse, or the equivalent of $8.8 million today. ‘California Split’, both made and set in the 70’s, follows the meeting of two men who connect over their love of gambling and embark on a whirlwind spree of blackjack, roulette and craps. Together they win $82,000, worth approximately $420,000 today.

In present times, we’ve got everything from comedies like ‘South Park’ and ‘What Happens in Vegas’ documenting foolish wins and losses, and big action movies like ‘Casino Royale’ keeping us on the edge of our seats. have put together a big infographic detailing some of the biggest on-screen wins and losses of all time, so you can decide which is the greatest bet of all time.

Is it James Bond landing the final pot of $115 million, or is it ‘The Sting’s huge loss of $8.8 million in today’s currency? Read the infographic to find out more.

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