Marc Webb Talks Spider-Man Reboot

I am dutifully impressed by Marc Webb’s approach to Spider-Man. Humility.

He knows he has a BIG pair of pajamas to fill and its not going to be easy. But he makes a clever Spidey reference in sharing this notion that I have to respect.

Ramascreen quotes Columbia Pictures president Matt Tolmach :

He also cautioned that moviemakers are in “a golden moment of technology,” with 3D and various other digital techniques at their disposal. “With great power comes great responsibility, and we have to always fall back on great storytelling,” he said.

Tolmach also said he’s excited but nervous about his company’s upcoming Spider-man reboot, which he described as “Peter Parker told differently.” He promised it will look, feel and smell different from the three films starring Tobey Maguire.

“We’re humbled by it,” he said.

Reboots are hard business, and while the clean slate is a nice thing to have, its pretty daunting when you have Raimi’s films and the most rabid fans ready to critcize your work.

I just hope it doesn’t swing its web too far in the other direction. While a CG Spider-Man and great effects are not off the plate here, and story is coming first – there will be some great action and effects right?

Superman returns was “all about story” too. Not the best critical results. Just sayin.

I have no doubt in the end this will get the 3D treatment (thats not a fad kids) and James Cameron has already been pimping his new tech to Marc Webb.

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22 thoughts on “Marc Webb Talks Spider-Man Reboot

  1. Why don’t we all just pretend S3 never happened (it sucked dead donkeys ass) – they were doing OK up til then.
    Rather than do a complete reboot just make a NEW S3 & carry on…

  2. This is not a good idea.

    Really, its so soon for a reboot, why do we need more Spider-man films thrown at us. I’m a die hard Spidey fan and even bought Spider-man 3 but for the love of god I can’t understand why this film needs to be made OTHER than to make money. What other decent story can they tell?

    1. First off, EVERY film is made for money.

      Secondly, it might be really soon for a reboot, but Sony doesn’t have the luxury of letting the franchise sit on the shelf. If they don’t make another one within a reasonable amount of time, Marvel gets the property back.

      They don’t want to move forward with Raimi’s property, and they feel that making a sequel with all new actors and a new director will be a different Spidey anyways, so why not reboot.

  3. I don’t want to see another reboot. I am sick to my back teeth of watching re-hashes of the same story. Just about everyone knows the spiderman origin storyline. I don’t see why they can’t just jump into a new spidey story without covering how PP became spiderman. If they do it right then the origin is unnecessary.

    Out of interest, just how many times did they do a reboot or re-telling of the origins of spiderman in the actual comicbooks?

    1. Sal, how many Batman versions has there been before Begins? Would you sooner have complained when Burton’s Batman came out and insisted that be the last?

      Webb might make an incredible Spider-Man story that will bury everything that came before. Never deny someone the chance to make something great.

      However to be fair, with the closeness of this new franchise and the Raimi run, they have already said the plan is to gloss over the origins and likely recap it through the credits and catch up with teenage Parker already active as Spider-Man.

      And for the record, the comic book retold his origin dozens of times over the years, and its been recapped in dialogue hundreds of times. A literary technique in comics for the better part of the 80s was to make sure any book could be a jump on point so there was often a paragraph that caught you up to speed on the first couple pages.

  4. I don’t understand why hollywood is so eager to do a Spiderman reboot. I don’t think it’s that old of a movie. It did awesome at the box office, so why do a reboot now? Is Hollywood running out of fresh ideas or what? Can’t wait for Captain America or Wonder Woman but not so eager to see a new spin on Spidey.

  5. I was feeling just dandy until I read this post.

    Somewhere, in the back of my head, I have a vision of The Green Goblin looking exactly like Norman/Harry Osbourne’s look from the comics (in fact, since they are taking it back to HS, Harry is sure to be present) and me, in the theater, yawning.

    Five seconds later, I’m crossing my fingers for Mysterio, who is the perfect Spidey foe to face in a 3D enviornment. Sure, Mysterio will look exactly like he does in comics, fishbowl and all. But that shouldn’t bug* you. Should it?

    *a small vision of the legenary Spider-Tracers just entered my mind as well, coming at me in a 3D. Must…



  6. By the way guys… Marc Webb wont be directing this. So this is bullshit.

    Everything he does,

    Everything he says,

    Every move he dictates about the movie,

    Is Sony telling Marc Webb to do it.

    Every article that says “Marc Webb said or did this” shuld just say “Sony said or did this”

    Because Marc Webb trully has no say in ths movie at all.

    BUT, Marc Webb is the producer though, he can always produce =D

    1. I agree that Sony wants someone to do it “their way” but I don’t for one second discount Webb’s ability or decision making process in this at all.

      Webb likely got the job because he agrees with what Sony has in mind. Its unlikely they hired him so they can tell him how to do his job.

      They didnt tell Raimi how to do his job, they just disagreed on direction.

      I don’t think Raimi is completely innocent in this at all, even though I am on his side. He could have done it there way and made a way to make it work.

      1. Raimi wanted to go in his direction. Sony wanted to do something else. He went ahead with his plan, they shit canned him.

        Now they have a chance of doing it their way, so they got a director that would play ball with their idea, someone who wont stand up to them and say “no, we should do THIS instead”
        Someone with one movie under his belt. Marc Webb.

        Im sure he will have SOME say in the movie… but know this- it will be limited by a VERY highlighted “line” that Sony has drawn.

        Im sure he’ll change some lines here and there in the dialogue or something.

  7. Sam Raimi’s Spidermans are way overrated. First one was great, second one was way too corny, third one was a disaster. I think Marc Webb can satisfy Spidey and movie fans at the same time.

    And the problem with Superman Returns was not the story, it was that they used the story from Richard Donner’s Superman and they were sick of it. They wanted the Superman which Nolan and Goyer are (supposedly) writing.

  8. the 1st spiderman was really good, in comic book wise… even mary jane looked like the comic book character, i odnt know why they changed her in the following 2 films, which they started to suck!!! im a huge spiderman fan n i was so dissapointed with S2 n S3

      1. Spiderman 3 wasn’t good, but I still think Sam Raimi , Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst , JK Simmons and Rosemary Harris are good for another Spiderman movie or two. Raimi could’ve done either a “Revenge of the Sinister Six” or at least a “Kraven the Hunter” movie with this cast.

      2. Spider-man 3 was definitely weak, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as people say it was. The only reason the series is getting rebooted so Sony can say “Fuck You” to Sam Raimi, and make it the way the studio wants. They could have easily just continued the story, and just got a new director and cast.

  9. Would be nice to see an ariel assult in 3-D (Camerons)with the Green Goblin(without the Power Rangers look)

    Need to hear more

    1. And Superman returns was all about a bad story. Take away the superpowers and its nothing i wouldnt expect to see in a daytime soapopera.

      1. Needs more “In my opinion” at the beginning of your post…In my opinion Superman Returns will be looked back on as one of the better, most underappreciated comic book films.

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