The Other Guys Motion Poster Online

A new Motion Poster is out for The Other Guys staring Mark Wahlberg and Will Farrell, a buddy cop comedy film.

The Poster is animated and will hang in special LCD Display panels at theaters. Most of them are more subtle than this looking like static posters then catching you off guard winking at you or suddenly moving. This one doesn’t hold back, but things do go wrong when their action scene comes apart, setting the tone for this goofball comedy.

(Sorry but the sound is automatic!)

I love Mark Wahlberg, but Farrell wore thin on me a while ago. Its a kinda fun ad, but as far as the film goes I am on the fence with this one.

I wish there was a mute button for the ad though.

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5 thoughts on “The Other Guys Motion Poster Online

  1. I feel EXACTLY the same way about Farrell.

    Although Will Farrell’s face while shooting had me ROFL.

    The ad though is pretty funny except why riding dirty for music(because the cop reference.c,mon there is definitely better song choices).
    (Had to mute after 4th time looping though)

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