Steve Martin to join The Big Year?

Steve Martin might be looking at a project to appoligize for his lackluster appearance at the Oscars, by pursuing a role in a birdwatching comedy with Owen Wilson and Jack Black called The Big Year.

MovieWeb says:

If Martin signs on, he will complete the lead trio, which also includes Owen Wilson and Jack Black. The story, based off the book “The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl Obsession,” by Mark Obmascik, which centers on three avid bird-watchers who keep trying to one-up each other in a competition to see who can spot the rarest birds in North America.

I could see Martin as an old retiree, obsessed with bird watching and trying to keep up with these younger hobbyists.

Jack Black wore thin on me a while ago, and I was hoping to see more from Martin at the Oscars, and Owen Wilson just hasn’t tickled me since Zoolander.

Maybe this particular blend will allow them to play off each other and refresh my view of these funnymen who just haven’t got me chuckling lately.

I can hope.

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7 thoughts on “Steve Martin to join The Big Year?

  1. Sounds like it would be good to me. Does anyone know where in Vancouver,BC this is being filmed in? and yes, Steve Martin will be in the movie, saw it on a trivia dealy before a movie i saw today.

  2. Year one killed off any remaining interest in Black for me, Nacho Libre will be his Swan Song.

    Owen still has life in my book, You Me and Dupree was good enough, and Wedding Crashers made me chuckle a few times so he’s alright.

    Martin was fine in It’s Complicated.

    But Jack Black’s done in my book

  3. Am I the only person tired of Jack Black? Dude is just not funny. I give the movie 22 minutes before there’s scene with him running around in his tighty whities.

  4. I have to admit I passed by this thread 3-4 times before I decided to read it. The whole idea of Steve martin is really just snore. But I am intrigued by this cast and will be interested in seeing it.

  5. I agree Rodney. These guys haven’t made for much laughs lately. I can actually picture this scenario because, as you say, these personalities will play off each other , solely because of the plot. I can already picture a sole ownership of the three individuals “my opinion is trumps yours” character ownership in this movie. I predict something better than the norm from these guys. Personalities alone will rule this film.

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