New Expendables Trailer Online

A new Expendables Trailer is online and it looks pretty fun. A little less comical than the trailer released last year, but still made of awesome.

I guess they decided that everyone knew about the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis cameo right in the trailer. Maybe they filmed that while planning their next Planet Hollywood location?

Looks great. Can’t wait.

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18 thoughts on “New Expendables Trailer Online

  1. Stallone took the major action stars from the 80’s and put them in one movie in 2010. I’m sold. Obviously, the plot and script is still questionable but I know the action will be awesome. Planet Hollywood reunion!!!

  2. YAHOO
    looks Great, an this trailer did indeed reveal the more serious side of the plot.still some comedy though.

    i wouldn’t have minded seeing Charisma Carpenter in the trailer (^_^).

    I cant wait.

  3. I think when I go watch this film I will have a counter to see how many one-liners there will be in this film. It looks awesome no doubt can’t wait for the summer.

  4. Well… what can i say?, i will spend all the money need it too see this, no matter how cheesy and fool and predictable and nonsense could it be, just to see together all my childhood heroes , i think this movie is some kind of “thanks for all this years folks” and all i have to say is “youre welcome my machos”.

    See Schwarzenegger, Willis and Stallone together in one scene make my day and even my year…honestly !

    Regards from México !

  5. cant cant wait for this movie deffently a guys night out for my friend and me i find funny that at least to me micky Rorick looks like he came right off the set of iron man 2 and on to this one his character in both looks the like the same person to be i found that funny still cant wait for this

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