Godzilla Returns via Legendary Pictures

Variety is reporting that Legendary Pictures is going to remake Godzilla again with this “open secret” they claim is months old. Well… by months they must mean seven of them since Bloody Disgusting broke this story in August:

Bloody Disgusting has learned exclusively that Legendary Pictures is looking to do another major movie with the iconic horror monster (they are in early discussions), although there are NO details at this point other than this should be a reboot.

And while we will overlook the fact that Variety lists itself as the source (again) and ignores Bloody Disgusting breaking this story, I am excited to see them take another shot at the giant monster genre. They speculate that a director will be announced soon and that will likely set the tone and anticipation of yet another version of the giant lizard.

I didn’t hate the Roland Emmerich/Matthew Broderick remake, but it wasn’t great either. And Cloverfield did its best to try and revive the giant monster flicks of old and did a pretty good job with it in its delivery.

But I want to see what they do with it. Could be a hit, could suck rubber suit balls.

And no… I don’t want Man-in-Suit Godzilla, and I want it to be hardcore action, not some kiddie fare adventure introducing Godzuki and Friends!

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22 thoughts on “Godzilla Returns via Legendary Pictures

  1. So Hollywood Godzilla again, and not rubber-suit Japan style?

    I kinda would like to see a old school(Japaneese nod) Hollywood version of Godzilla tounge in cheek stuff, Sam Raimi style.

    The Iguana was lame.

  2. Since Legendary Pictures and WB snagged the rights to this movie,this new Godzilla movie will probably be given the “Batman Begins”-type reboot treatment, which is great for movie audience.

  3. I have always been and will always be a fan of Godzilla, especially the animated series. He is my childhood favorite character until now that I am 18. Is there a trailer already for this movie? Can’t wait to watch it.

  4. You put Jet Jaguar in this next installment and I’m hoooked! Actually I’ve always had a soft spot for that green lizard since I was a kid. The way he would always go and destroy tokyo and buildings, the tanks and jets who would shower endless missles at him as he stood up and say “What? I’m the King of the Monsters Bitch, Eat Flame suckas!”. And although I am not a complete fan of the 1998 remake, I don’t hate it either. But if they did give more human perspective like they did in Cloverfield than I think that could work. Although I didn’t like Cloverfield that much, the camera was just too damn shaky!

  5. (Incoming rant) Okay, I can put up with people saying the ’98 “Godzilla” was a crap movie. It was. The only redeeming factor was Jean Reno. But the reason most people hate it is because Godzilla was (heaven forbid) realistic. Yeah, a 100-foot lizard is totally realistic, but at least they tried to make it plausible. That thing looked like it really could have come from an iguana or komodo dragon or something. It looked and moved the way reptiles do! And it laid eggs the way reptiles do. People hated it because it wasn’t a man in a ridiculously-fake rubber suit fighting billions of tiny military toys and overturning model buildings.
    In my opinion, the Godzilla franchise lost its way when it started making him out to be a superhero, rather than just a hero by convenience (i.e. nobody smashes Tokyo but me!). The Millennium series brought Godzilla back to his routes with a kick-ass design and some great CGI action. I hope we get more of that in the vein of Hollywood-style cinema. But what is it going to be? Another assault on New York? Would they actually try to imitate Tokyo? Could this be a period piece wherein they essentially play out the original “Gojira” again? I would actually kind of like that.
    But they’ve got their work cut out for them if they want to make this a standalone Godzilla feature. There probably isn’t a person alive today who hasn’t heard of him. So, especially with the farce of 98 ringing in their ears, how are they going to make a decent film based solely on Godzilla without losing our interest ten minutes in? Is he going to fight another giant monster? Is it just going to be another military drama? Will America build its first kaiju robot? I am not anticipating positive results from this venture. But I hope I’m wrong.

  6. I would not call it “a rebooot” but rather another updated version of Godzilla. “Reboot” is misleading.

    BTW, what’s up with all the love for the 1998 movie? The movie was dull and insulting to one’s IQ points. It wasn’t even fun. It wasn’t bad to be good. It was just there. The baby Godzillas that reminded folks of Jurassic Park’s raptors was just more moldly cheese.

    But here comes a new film…

    And all I can say is, can’t be any worse.

    1. I agree. That entire film was a giant corporate commercial. They paid more attention on how to work in products than the actual plot.

    2. I think reboot is completely accurate to this.

      Its not acknowledging previous versions as canon, its not a sequel and its not a remake.

      Its taking the same character concept and starting new again. That’s a reboot.

    3. They missed to give Godzilla a soul in that 98 installment. Instead they tried that “free the Dinosaur greenpeace activist” approach which already disappointed in Jurassic Park 2.
      There simply was no connection between the main characters and that giant beast and therefore no connection with the audience as a consequence.
      The new Transformers movies are successfully proving that there are ways to get that relationship right, and even Peter Jackson’s King Kong (though it had its lengths and weakspots) got that man-monster-relationship right. A good monster movie will make you get the impression that those monsters, beneath their ugly surface, are not so different from us people so in the end you may feel pity for them.

  7. I love the Broderic Godzilla movie, and was always disappointed that it didn’t get a sequel with some classic matchups.

  8. i hope its done in the perspective of the people. what i loved most about cloverfield was that we didnt get arial(prob misspelled) shots of the monster when the people were at a high place. really put into perspective at how large the creature was. i would love that for godzilla. i love the idea of doing another one. Emmerich Godzilla was great until it turned into jurassic park in madison square garden.

  9. If I were to direct this, what I would do is go for half CGI/half Animatronics.

    All the same, I’m looking foward to this new film.

  10. King Kong vs Godzilla…hope that monster matchup happens. Much like those abysmal Alien versus Predator flicks.

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