Will Arnett says Arrested Development Film is Close

Will Arnett did an interview to promote his new film, When in Rome (which is more about the tasty Kristen Bell than Arnett really) but the topic quickly turned to the status of the Arrested Development movie they keep teasing us with.

Arnett says its happening, and may film as early as this summer!

Movie Web was talking to Will Arnett:

With Arrested Development the movie seemingly up in the air, we asked the actor specifically about the film adaptation of the series and when that might begin production? “What is that? I’ve never heard of that. I have no idea what you are talking about,” the actor replied jokingly. “No, we’re real close,” Arnett confirmed. “We’re just finalizing the script and should begin shooting it this year,” he concluded.

While I am constantly being told I have to watch this show, I still haven’t but I am not blind to the cult like devotion it gets.

But I have heard all this before, and each time a different cast member drops “we are so close!” and then speculates on a filming schedule.

Should Arrested Development fans get excited? Is this ever going to happen?

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11 thoughts on “Will Arnett says Arrested Development Film is Close

  1. The whole cast worked so well together..No fans I have spoken to about the show ever seems to have the same favourite characters. Michael Cera’s timing on AD is probably better than anyone from TV in years. Ron Howard’s job as the narrator is pure genius. Jason Bateman, David Cross, Jeffery Tambor, Portia De Rossi, Will Arnet..A great cast

    All of that being said, I don’t think a movie would work. Seinfeld, the Larry Sanders Show (i think Arrested Development fits this high on the bill) were brilliant shows but if you stretched out an episode into a 90 min movie you would probably be very bored by the end. I think the same can be said for AD

    As always with this type of stuff as a fan I would love to be proved wrong cause AD ended far too early.

    fingers crossed…

  2. That show is pure genius. Nothing else comes even close! Not since Seinfeld and anything Larry David has produced…It’s one of those rare shows that would actually work as a movie simply because of the context and the way it ends.

    I think it’s very exciting indeeeeed :P

    That being said, they’ve been telling us there was going to be a film for a long-ass time now and I still don’t see any progress…so who knows.

  3. I started to watch the show on Hulu until they scraped the second season..Yeah it’s funny , but this Arnett guy is the least funniest on that show.

    Cera is doing Cera like nobody else can.
    Bateman is good

    but a Movie?

  4. the Arrested Development movie should be in 3D… take place on Pandora… and have more battle sequences

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