Jessica Biel is F**king Engaged

Careful when you identify some eyecandy actresses as just a hot body and pretty face that you would love to see in porn. It might give them some ideas. Like to make a movie about having sex every day to avoid falling into a rut in your marriage.

Jessica Biel isn’t one of those eyecandy actresses, but she could ride that train for the rest of her life and I would not care one bit. She is also producing films and this is her third title which she will also star in.

Get the Big Picture says:

Jessica Biel is set to star and produce a film based on screenplay titled Fucking Engaged, about a couple that decides to have sex everyday leading up to their wedding in an effort to avoid becoming their parents.

So do I need a trailer to make me want to see this? No. Its a movie where Jessica Biel will have dozens of sex scenes. I am sure at this point it doesn’t even need a plot. Somewhere after the 17th scene they can just roll the credits. That will be fine.

The title of the movie is Fucking Engaged, often censored like the title of this post, and I would imagine is going to get changed before this puppy is done.

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23 thoughts on “Jessica Biel is F**king Engaged

  1. Wouldn’t be something I would pay to see at Theater but would probably watch at home as a rental.

    I don’t know why all the hate for Jessica, I think she is lovely myself. She works out, and is in spectacular shape as evidenced by those buns of steel. She has never had any plastic surgery for anything so I say at least she is keepin it real.

  2. I just have a feeling this will just disappoint. Unless they can make the Unrated version significantly better and actually seem like a whole nother version unlike most unrated DVDs tend to be.

  3. A LOT of skeptisism out there, and there’s literally nothing more than a snippet of info on it? Geez people. Have some respect for the process. I’m guessing most people here haven’t even watched Easy Virtue yet. I highly doubt Ms. Biel will appear naked (as many times) as one might hope (me included) but I’m guessing that since the premise is that this couple “doesn’t want to become their parents”, that the lead up of problems with forcing yourself to have sex every day will bring about specific problems this couple will have to overcome. Let’s wait and see how good this thing turns out by judging it on more than its title.

    My only real question, how long is this engagement? If I were the dude marrying her, I would want to extend that engagement for quite some time!

  4. This is sounds completely boring, but that’s alright because maybe it’ll keep her occupied and away from films I’m actually interested in seeing. No fan of Miss Biel here – she’s boring – and I don’t see the ‘hot’ factor. I can easily appreciate a hot woman, but I am puzzled when it comes to Biel.

      1. I think Megan Fox is pretty, but she also sounds so dumb that I find it a huge turn off. She’s also too skinny, in my opinion.

        Johnny Depp – well, that is hard to explain…lol..I’ve had a crush on him since I was a teenager watch 21 Jump Street and Cry Baby. His presence is simply sexy.

  5. Haha… For years the fans had been wanting to see Biel nude. She goes and does one strip scene, next she’s in a movie that’s all about sex. You folks should be pleased =)

    1. I thought we were talking about movies, sex scenes, and porn, and I get censored?

      Can I say swallow? I really don’t know a nicer way to say it. And it would be nice if I could describe a scene from a movie here.

      If I can say it, she had a sex scene with Chris Evans in “London” where she swallowed. So its not like this will be her second time doing something sexual on screen.

    1. No, just that it probably will be. Visually explicit sex on-screen is pornography. I’m just saying that chances are pretty good that this film will be much closer to porn than an actual feature presentation.

    1. Totally. It’s an insult to one’s intelligence. You can already tell this film is probably more porn and sexuality-oriented than focused on an engaging story(I pray I’m wrong). That’s always stupid.

      1. you guys should try relaxing and enjoying things for what they are every once in a while. go hate on something worthwhile like those parody movies. is stan helsing the lastest one?

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