Etan Cohen to write Men in Black 3

Could there be a Men in Black 3 in the works? Well they hired a writer and rumour has it that Sonnenfeld may direct. But who will be in it?

“Tropic Thunder” writer Etan Cohen is penning the script, and Barry Sonnenfeld, who helmed the first two films, is said to be attached to the new installment, though there is no formal deal or offer as yet.

The X-factor remains Will Smith. The A-lister, who starred with Tommy Lee Jones in the first two, has not committed to the pic, though in recent days the buzz in development circles has been that he is now interested in returning. Smith does not currently have a go movie lined up.Tommy Lee Jones’ involvement is uncertain.

The big key to whether anyone cares about this will be if Will Smith signs back on. Right now he is a massive draw, never failing to bank a film.

If this doesn’t have Smith, I don’t know that I would be interested. They sequeled Daddy Day Care and The Mask only to prove that it wasn’t the same without the personality in the character. Are there any other Men in Black worth following? Could they retire Agent J and focus on new agents?

I liked the Men In Black films, and I really like the premise of aliens living in secret among us. Sadly Agent M will never get his flashy thing.

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7 thoughts on “Etan Cohen to write Men in Black 3

  1. It’d be kind of neat if MIB3 was like MIB where it’s Agent J’s turn to enlist a rookie.

    I always loved the process through which Agent K took Will Smith’s character in becoming an Agent.


    1. Michael jackson had a cameo where he asked to join the men in black he said he could be Agent M.

      Second reference to MJ today. Maybe Rodney just saw This Is It.

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