Solomon Kane Trailer Online

A trailer for Solomon Kane has hit the net.

Trailer Addict calls it:

Spend your life cutting men down with your blade and robbing them of their wealth, and word of your exploits is sure to reach the devil, who is always on the lookout for new souls. Meet Solomon Kane, the invention of Robert E. Howard, the legendary creator of Conan the Barbarian.

Check it out:

Now it has all the elements I love in a film of this genre. It has cool action, a brooding hero, a noble cause.

And yet I am somehow not impressed. I mean I should be, but something just isn’t sitting right with me. Perhaps James Purefoy just isn’t selling the brooding hero role for me.

What do you think. Are you digging it?

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32 thoughts on “Solomon Kane Trailer Online

  1. Wow.

    Purefoy’s not exactly as I imagined Solomon…but, with all due respect to the nay-sayers dropping bombs left and right…he simply looks great. Great enough to surprise me.

    As for posters claiming to be tired of flawed heroes in need of redemption: if you have such deep-seated desires for amoral, conscious-less bastards as your ‘heroes’ of choice, feel free to thumb through the well-worn pages of Moorcock’s ‘Elric’ to whet your appetites.

    Kane is a GREAT character, and the look and feel of this trailer is, quite honestly, neither over-cooked nor underdone.

    Thankfully, it’s just right.

  2. Hugh Jackman would have been perfect for this role… instead he had to do Van Helsing! *roll eyes* James Purefoy does look like Hugh Jackman, but i dunno he doesn’t look that badass to me.

  3. This looks really good. I hope it turns out to be brilliant – we desperately need more fantasy films to succeed if there’s any hope of rekindling the genre.

    LOTR pretty much revived and subsequently killed the mature fantasy genre, since as much as it dominated the box office and reminded the world how great the genre can be, any film that came immediately after was in danger of being compared to it, and could never quite reach the bar that LOTR set so high.

    If we don’t get a good, adult, fantasy movie soon I’m worried studios will stop taking risks for them.

  4. Wow, i haven’t seen a trailer that has hyped me out in a long long time, probably since DARK KNIGHT,
    and to be honest with you it’s not the trailer, it’s the movie itself seems pretty awesome, infact it is the creator of CONAN THE BARBARIAN.

  5. I’m not sure about the main actor James Purefoy. However I’m glad they didn’t get some buff action hero heart throb like most movies seem to do these days. To be honest. After Health Ledger playing the joker. I’m not going to prejudge an actor for any roll until I see it for myself.

    Why is anyone comparing this to Van Helsing? The characters are nothing alike. This movie looks nothing like the Van Helsing movie. Van Helsing was a comicy version meant to be a mindless action flick with a hunky star and hot co-star. It’s on par with all the Mummy movies with Brandon Frasier. Even the hats are different. Soloman Kain’s hat is a hat worn by Pilgrims while Van Helsings hat is more of a cowboy western.

    Also, How exactly is looking like LOTR a bad thing. The creatures look amazing and the Death character looks awesome. I’m really looking forward to seeing this in the Theater.

  6. Yeah, I also agree that it looks cool and all but it didnt give me the feeling that I really wanna see the movie. In my personal opinion as to why I feel this way I would have to say its because there has been so many anti-hero hero’s in films of late. A guy thats good but did bad things and is looking for redemption. It’s old and stale. I was intrested more about the fact he became a pesimist and people begged Soloman to help and Soloman refused. If the trailer focused on that alot more I would have been more intrested.

  7. First i have to say i love Robert E. Howard and i read almost everythink he wrote. I was really excited when i first heard about this movie, but now after watching the trailer iam a bit disapointed. Because it just looks like one of these average fantasy movies that were thrown in our faces over and over again the last couple of years.. and sorry but James Purefoy? I wont blame him before i saw the movie but i didnt bought him in the trailer.. not at all.

    I really do love the old Conan Movies, they captured the mood of the book in a magnificent way not at least because of a awesome Soundtrack and the great actors choice. Yes i mean schwarzenegger believe it or not … he just looked like I imagined Conan for myself and his lack of acting skills? I dont think playing a barbarian has been a big problem for him at that time ;)

    Now i really got off topic .. I will try to watch Kane without any expectations. Maybe it was just a bad trailer .. i hope so

  8. You only say Van Helsing because of the hat come on people they are nothing alike other than the fighting of the damned but Van Helsing fought a parody of classic monsters (Vampires and Werewolves) while this guy is fighting the legions of the damned.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you man, besides the hat the two movies are very different indeed.

      I only used the Van Helsing reference as I feel it was a failure in what it was trying to do. It was trying to be dark and just never made it, it just missed.

      I feel this movie is spot on and I am very excited about it.

  9. Man they haven’t made a good one of these movies in a while, i am totally a fan of some mid-evil ass kickery and its going to be some nonsensical fun.

    1. YA except there was no vampires…werewolves orb anything out of the james bond gadgetry book….guns are one thing but grapling hooks n shit are another story…..seems like a lot of people on this thread have one tracked minds.

  10. I am a huge Fantasy movie fan and I can tell you this will be a must see for me. This is what Van Helsing should have looked like but failed in all those aspects.

    Thanks for the trailer, it was excellent!

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