Green Lantern Casting Call News

Green Lantern is gearing up to go full steam ahead. But they are not releasing official news so the intarwebs are digging up news through casting calls.

Dr. Hector Hammond and Sinestro!

JoBlo says:

Ryan Reynolds will be facing two villains, confirming that nothing was learned from the SPIDER-MAN 3 debacle. First is Dr. Hector Hammond, who if memory serves is a scientist who gains wealth and power by exploiting the effects of a strange meteor, and then of course Sinestro, a Green Lantern that looks like John Waters who turns evil and becomes a Yellow Lantern.

I figured Sinestro was a no brainer for a Lantern film.

I am surprised that they are opting for two villians and I have to hope against hope that they learned from the multiple villians thing and downplay one significantly just to serve some plot device.

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31 thoughts on “Green Lantern Casting Call News

  1. I think Jason Isaacs will do just fine for Hector Hammond. if not, maybe Victor Garber will do just fine. Ironically, Garber voiced Sinestro in the animated Green Lantern : First Flight. But Sinestro is the role tailored for Hugo Weaving, who is overwhelmingly I think the fans want.

  2. There is actually a third enemy that will face off against the audience, which is Ryan’s infinite quips that will ravage theater goer’s mental capacity to withstand gilmore girls like humor for almost a full 2 hours.

  3. I’m assuming Sinestro is a good guy for the whole movie. It’d be cool if they showed like a clip of him at the end after the credits deciding to go bad, but to me that seems unlikely.

  4. Sinestro is a highly complex character. It’s going to take a STRONG actor to bring out all of his nuances. I think it would be foolish to rush him into becoming a villain. Leave him for another film in the future.

    Geoff Johns reignited my interest in Hector Hammond. Interested in seeing his character on-screen.

  5. No movie is ever good when it includes two villains. Batman Returns was just god awful — and what was Christopher Nolan *thinking* when he directed Batman Begins??? The nerve of these two-super-villain movies!!

    /sarcasm off

    (P.S. Spiderman 3 had 3 villains.)

  6. What people need to understand is that the Green Lantern universe is massive and expansive. It’s almost a requirement to bring in many characters.

    I personally hope that Sinestro is introduced in the first film and not made a full-on villain until a future installment.

    Also, are they still using Legion as a villain?

      1. Then again, would Legion actually need casting? I mean, I always expected him to be a CGI, robot-like killing machine. If anything, he’d need voice casting.

  7. This is one character that can hold down these two villians in the same story arch. Not like Spider-Man 3 when each villian can be self contained and in most cases, Like Venom, could actually have his own storyarch in itself. It was Sam who screwed that up.

  8. The villians didn’t kill spider man 3 stupid jazz hands and MJ singing killed spiderman 3. Too much whiney Toby Mcguire killed spiderman 3 and the lifeless girl who played Gwen Stacey killed spiderman 3.

      1. Exactly. There was no redemption for the film after that point. And I realized it all at the point where Peter decided to become a jazz-loving emo.

    1. i’d rather blame MJ instead of Gwen Stacy, beside, Bryce Dallas Howard are way hotter than Kirsten Dunst. Having said that, BDH should be MJ instead KD.

  9. I agree with Rodney on both comments. It’s a tricky thing to balance two villains in one movie. Batman Returns did it well and so did Superman 2. The key is to use the villains efficiently as reflections of the protagonist. If the film becomes just about multiple bad guys with crazy schemes you get Batman and Robin.

  10. I m sorry but green lantern is realy boring characater and yes i have read the sinstero corps which i think is the most overrated arc in comic history.

  11. Spider-Man 3 debacle? Then of course a lot was learned from the new Batman franchise which did show you can have multiple villains work quite well.

    I think it was quite obvious that sinestro was going to be involved.

      1. They only downplayed Scarecrow in the second film. Batman Begins featured him prominantly, and I thought he was the main villian until old Liam Neeson comes back in. I thought it worked great, and if done correctly, this will too. It might actually be a better idea to come out of the gates with multiple villians, and then focus on one villian the second film. Makes that particular villain even more menacing.

      2. Multiple villains in the Batman films worked because they displayed different tiers of villains. There’s villains who are less powerful (Scarecrow, the Mob) and there are villain who are more powerful (Ra’s Al Ghul, The Joker). Not every villain showcases the same threat level to Batman. That, and all of the villains conform to the themes of the film.

        With Spider-Man 3, all of the villains are “big” villains and are bumping into each other for screen time.

        I doubt this is the case with Green Lantern.

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