A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer Online

Today the trailer for Michael Bay’s reboot of the Nightmare on Elm Street is making the rounds on the intarweb.

I don’t care much for how this gives away the origin of Freddy right in the trailer, so if you are avoiding spoilers – you might want to skip this.

So yeah, it gives away a bit much in the opening of the trailer, but I read enough to expect us to actually see Kreuger’s introduction into the supernatural instead of the verbal tradition of the previous films. But all the visuals and dreamscapes, as cool as they were, was not what what I was waiting for.

I wanted to see a glimpse of Jackie Earle Haley in full on Freddy mode, and we get that glimpse, and get to hear his voice.

And I like it!

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41 thoughts on “A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer Online

  1. i would take four freddy vd jason movies over one crap filled micheal bay freddy film. at least fvj had robert(the only person who could play freddy)englund.not to mention wes craven has nothing to do with this movie. here is how it will go down the movie starts then it ends and alot of people are pissed.we finaly find out what can kill freddy for good and its micheal bay.

  2. Trailer looks pretty wicked. Not sure about the new makeup and voice, but we’ll see how it plays out in the movie. Not gonna complain either way.

    The one thing that worries me is Bay. I’m not one of these people that constantly bash the man…on the contrary, I’m a fan of his…I like the mindless, senseless action movies. But this is a whole nother deal. Story and mood matter in this movie. Does anyone know if he’s done horror before? Guess we’ll see how it plays out.

    1. I actually like that twist. Not to say that he is innocent but rather he WAS.

      No matter who Krueger was before the angry mob incident he becomes a supernatural terror with no mercy and perhaps becomes worse than the beast they mistook him for.

      And then it would also introduce the idea that since they burned up the wrong guy in blind vengence, the person who did murder or molest their kids is still out there. Maybe it was one of the parents starting the angry mob who is really responsible.

      That angle opens up so many story options instead of just mindless “you fell asleep.. your next” mentality.

  3. im sorry to ruin everyone’s love of the movie, which I do too. But it’s produced by Michael Bay the director of Transformers,

    Sorry I won’t pass but I definitley won’t like the movie.

    Why does he have to produce this valuable franchise !!!!!!!

  4. i love how people are bitching about EXACT scenes from the original, but if they kept out other scenes theyd be all “WTF HOW CAN THEY TAKE OUT TEH TUB SCENE?!?!”
    stray to far, people bitch
    do dead on scenes, people bitch

  5. I was really looking forward to this remake. Growing up the original Nightmare on Elm Street scared the crap out of me. The opening scene looked pretty horrible .. since when is freddy a scared little man running away and crying .. he was a predator .. and uhhh just say no to BAY

    1. I think you are missing the point. This isn’t an exact word-for-word remake of the original, it’s a retelling of the story with a new twist. It’s obvious that in the trailer that Kruger is actually innocent. And seriously, Here’s how I predict the plot will develop.

      Freddy Kruger is not a child molester, but rather the town loner who mainly keeps to himself and befriends kids because the adults have nothing to do with him. At some point a few kids are found murdered, and a rumor starts going around that Kruger is the one responsible. A few town members band together and do exactly as you see in the trailer in that they hunt him down and burn him alive. As he is dying in one of the most painful ways imaginable, he swears his vengeance upon the entire town, and for whatever supernatural reason the writers can think of, he receives the chance for revenge.

      I personally like the idea that they are most likely changing the plot up a bit. It makes Freddy a little more three-dimensional.


  7. Is it me, or are they depicting Freddy as an innocent man who is killed by an angry mob for crimes he didn’t commit?

    In the old movies Kruger had an immortal mentality even before he died, but in this trailer you can really see the fear in him.

    Is he liying to try and save his ass?

    Or is there a new story where an angry mob takes an innocent man’s life in a fit of rage?

    1. The original premise was that he was burned alive by parents for killing some of their kids. It was later in the sequels they started adding that his mother was a nun and multiple insane fathers thing. I tend to skip the whole ‘Freddy’s Dead’ film, though I did enjoy seeing Alice Cooper as his abusive dad.

  8. This is just bad marketing. He could’ve been shown: cleaning up, flash, approaching kids, flash, talking to kids, flash, then the mob chasing him. Flash

    Then the Marquee Nightmare on Elm Street and the laugh. Basically this marketing removes all of the suspense for the film. As well as pandering to the remake clones by redoing many of the 1st films “moneyshots”.

  9. We all have to remember this is a reboot not a new movie, It’s not like they are really giving away the plot, origin or whatever. I has already been done 25 years ago, its no longer a classic horror film its a cheesy new horror film which we all know the ending to.

  10. A bit disappointing. I like how they are trying to work the angle of “maybe he really was innocent.” After all, they just brought him, and he was released. “What do you think I did? I didn’t do anything!” sounded quite honest. If it turns out he wasn’t the murderer and started killing kids afterward for revenge; that would be interesting. As for the look, I like that they’re trying to make it realistic, but he didn’t look very sinister to me. Like Jami said, he looks like Voldemort. And the voice sounded… okay, I suppose. I need to see EVIL! And that’s not what this trailer gives me. I need a convincing sadistic laugh and devilish grin. until then, this is only half-and-half with me.

  11. Hey know it all movie people….. there is a new twist in this one ….. The plot twist is we don’t know if he is the real molester and is killed by an angry mob … This is a neat plot twist and I hope it has a few more surprises . The new jason movie was boring an very unoriginal …this one could be good and character driven to drive the film.

  12. Um … he’s a child molester. He preys on the weak and small. I’d say that as a person before becoming supernatural he’s a little bitch! No doubt. Besides that, even in the old films Freddy, once you aren’t afraid of him has zero power over you. He’s not a cold hearted bastard. Just a weak and pathetic man that preys on the innocent and small and needs fear to help him get his rocks off.

  13. I don’t know.. he doesn’t look as freaky as the old Freddy and the voice isn’t working for me either.

    Plus it just seems kind of wrong having Freddy squeeling like that (given he’s on the run, but c’mon… he’s supposed to be a cold hearted bastard, not a little bitch).

  14. Its not a spoiler if they showed it in the move 20 years ago.

    Everyone knows Freddy was a child molester and yadda yadda yadda

    Its a REMAKE for christ’s sake, we all know what happens.

    And the trailer looks immensely beast. I actually am looking forward to seeing this, this is the first horror movie in my life that i want to see like 6 months before its opening day
    Usually i feel this way towards comic book movies or Pixar movies lol

  15. I dig it too, everyone I’m sure heard Freddy’s origin in the movies, it’s good to see it happen or how it went down. I like how they make him look like a burn victim, instead of the old look, has a more realistic feel.

    the voice had a eerie feel to it, pretty cool I give it a thumbs up so far just based on this

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