Batman 3 in IMAX?

In a vague statement of rumour, it seems that IMAX technology will be considered for all of the next Batman film.

AICN shares:

I have to say upfront that the nature of this story is a rumor, not because I don’t have solid sources, I do… but because it could simply NOT WORK OUT. That happens sometimes. It is something that the production team are “considering” – but it is an extremely costly process, but one that I believe we would all love to see happen.

The THIRD chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Caped Crusader’s saga could very well be FULLY shot in IMAX, not IMAX Digital – but the beautiful, stunning IMAX that we saw pieces of THE DARK KNIGHT in.

We know that WB/DC are likely to be eager to get another Batman chapter on its way after the metric pantloads of money they got from it, but hearing this “rumour” I just call bullshit.

Firstly, this “reliable source” does admit that this is a consideration and something they are looking into. However he does call it Nolan’s Third Batman. Did I miss something? Has he signed? Yeah, we all hope its going to be Nolan, but thats not in stone. If Nolan moves on with another project I would sooner see another capable director take the lead on this and continue with the foundation Nolan built (provided he stays true to the current direction and feel) Nolan isn’t God.

Secondly, if it is something they considered, Batman will have the fanboys lining up with or without the IMAX scenes, or a whole film in IMAX. Frankly watching the movie in BluRay was enough for me. I coudln’t tell you where the IMAX scenes were. Would it really be worth it? I think “considered” is about as far as the story is likely to go.

Lastly, a rumour is a rumour but when someone quotes “a reliable source” and fails to mention what that source is, it seems to fall in a category less reliable than a rumour.

Will this benefit from IMAX? Visually? Financially?

Will it make it more appealing to want to see it?

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28 thoughts on “Batman 3 in IMAX?

  1. Well the new Red Camera EPIC series can shoot all the way up to 28K resolution with a fraction of the size and weight of IMAX camera. With proper projector it can give an IMAX a run for their money. Sure its digital but I am impressed even with regular red (Knowing was shot in Red). I just hope if they shoot batman in IMAX it would be in regular IMAX format and not one intended for shopping mall version of IMAX .

  2. Serious question about format:

    Even if Nolan would film in entirely Imax format, couldn’t it still play on normal screens? TDK still played in conventional theaters despite its scenes in Imax. I didn’t know if there was a difference between having an entire movie in Imax and just having a few scenes in Imax.

  3. I just read somewhere on a belgian site that Megan Fox will be playing catwoman in the new batman movie.

    I bet you are very happy with this aren’t you john?


    1. Firstly – My name is RODNEY. John isn’t the only writer here.

      Secondly – That is a wild speculative rumour based on NOTHING. Not one word of the script is written, and they don’t even know which characters will be in Batman3.

    2. “I just read somewhere on a belgian site that Megan Fox will be playing catwoman in the new batman movie.”

      They consider Fox for EVERY role these days simply b/c she attracts the horny teenagers. I’m actually grown quite sick of her, and hope IF they use Catwoman they get someone who can ACT.

  4. A strict Batman film in only IMAX, eh? That would be a sight to see, regardless if Nolan did it or not. However, it would be the shortest of Nolan’s Bat films (or even the Buton/Shoemaker Batflicks, for that matter) given that the cameras are expensive and huge. I’ll give them maybe an hour and a half….

    It’s optimistic that many theatre chains will have an IMAX screen more than the current crop….

    More expenses, not many screens as could be and a shorter film. Somehow I think AICN is off the deep end on this. However, “the Dark Knight” suggests a return to a 65mm print might be more appealing. Somehow, I can’t disagree.

    Will it happen like that? Who knows.
    But I’d just be as content if it was just a 2:35 to 2:40 widescreen ratio, or even a 1:85. Just give me a decent film like the last two, and I’ll be dandy.

  5. Filming Batman 3 in IMAX would increase the production costs significantly.

    Seeing a movie in proper 65mm would look astounding though.

    They shot Lawrence of Arabia in 65mm and that movie is heads and heels above anything else you will see on your screen even today. It is so detailed its just astounding and that is a very old movie but still holds its own against any movie.

    If he pulls this off(and its a big if) he will give cinematography fans something new to drool over for a long time.

  6. Whatever they decide, I hope they just pick one aspect ratio and stick to it, that shifting ratio bullshit was an annoying distraction, especially when it was shifting within one sequence.

  7. i think it can be true, it´s not wrong to say that the death of heath ledger ruined nolan´s plan for the third installment, so…could they be looking for a way to make this third installment a bit more stunning?? (visually of course…)so we forget about the dark knight and start to appreciate this next movie….i dunno…just my opinion!

    1. Except that Nolan himself admitted that even up to the point of the release of Dark Knight that he hadn’t even thought about the plot of a third film, or ever written one word of a script.

      So yeah, its wrong to say Ledger’s passing had any affect on his “plans” because aside from assuming he would do a third (which he still hasnt signed to) he still hasn’t written anything for it.

      1. I don’t know about the Joker but DDL as any villian especially in Nolan’s batman universe would be F’n Fantasticle

      2. DDL would make a great Black Mask, man who hates bruce wayne and takes over all of the crime sydicates in gotham and causes city wide choas (seems to be a running theme with these flicks)

        or DDL could play Clay Face a deranged serial killer former actor, you could do a mean origin story then have the bats on a man hunt for him while the cops are after bats turning the city on bats while DDL is causing chaos.

        Just some thoughts

  8. “Frankly watching the movie in BluRay was enough for me. I coudln’t tell you where the IMAX scenes were.”

    Um, they were the scenes that took up the ENTIRE screen of your HDTV while the 35mm scenes were presented in a 2.35:1 ratio. And because Warner Brothers did such a shitty job on the 35mm footage on the Blu-ray, the IMAX scenes were much sharper, more colorful, and much more detailed.

    “Would it really be worth it?”

    Yes and no. Yes, because it’s going back to the way when David Lean made films in 65 mm (which IMAX is compared to). And no, because IMAX cameras and film stock are costly as hell, they’re so goddamn loud, and you can’t have long takes. On top of this, all the dialogue has to be redubbed in post.

    If Nolan does get the job as the director AND does shoot the film in IMAX, I’d say that he’d be transcending the comic book film genre again.

  9. Nolan himself stated that he wanted to film an entire movie in IMAX. but, as we all know, IMAX cameras are monsters and are very noisy.

    I don’t have any IMAX theatres near me so I wouldn’t really mind. But, if they wanted to film in IMAX? Why not? Go for it.

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