Sherlock Holmes Faces Reshoots

The curse of the reshoot is often a black mark on the buzz a movie generates. Oh everything looks great, that is is their job. And we eat it up. But Sherlock Holmes has been on my radar solely because of Robert Downey Jr and Rachel McAdams, but now it turns out all that work they did was just a sloppy mess and the big shots are making Ritchie do it again.

MovieWeb says:

Apparently the brass at WB said that Ritchie’s original cut wasn’t good enough and one scene in particular was, “ridiculously unrealistic”. A source for the site said the scenes in question were shot while Ritchie was apparently “distracted” from his divorce with Madonna.

“It’s disastrous news, but Guy has promised to fix it,” the site’s source said.

This is a two sided coin. Obviously the studio thinks this film is a mess, but at least they are willing to make arrangements for its repair instead of just shaking their head and burying this next to Carrot Top’s career.

Five weeks of reshoots to clean up Ritchie’s mess? I hope its worth it.

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5 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes Faces Reshoots

  1. Hopefully it pays off. whenever they go back to reshoot it’s always up in the air. You think it makes sense cause at least they know it was bad and now they are redoing it, but doesn’t always work out for the better in the end.

  2. I know some directors will want to go back and redo certain scenes, but when the studios go and tell you to reshoot? That’s really saying something. Hope it turns out for the better and not just some cheesy scenes to throw in the trailer.

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