X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets Extensive Reshoots

Fox has allowed for Gavin Hood to return the cast of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to the set for some extensive reshoots. From the sound of things, this is to settle the ongoing creative conflicts that we have been hearing about.

First Showing offers:

Fox is conducting very extensive reshoots over the next few weeks. They’re also saying that studios usually try and keep news like this under the radar, but Fox even wanted to bring in some journalists to cover these reshoots. Why? Well because apparently Gavin Hood is going to be directing them. My guess is that he’s getting his chance to fix the movie, but they’re also trying to “cover up” any previous bad buzz by bringing journalists in and “showing” them that it’s Hood directing, not Rothman and not Donner.

A lot of power struggles were heard of behind the scenes of this movie, and it appeared that Gavin Hood was barely doing the job he was asked to do. Fox brought in Richard Donner to “guide” Hood in his efforts to the point that some media were calling Donner the real director on set.

I have to weigh in on Gavin Hood’s side here. I don’t know what his take is, or if the studios wanted something else, but the bottom line is that they liked his vision for the film when they got him to sign the papers, they have to have faith that he will do the job. Its the “too many cooks in the kitchen” thing that worries me.

For once I am actually relieved that they are reshooting. From the buzz generated over the very cool trailer (which was apparently only made of Hood’s directed stuff) Fox has decided that Hood can have his film back. Admitting they were wrong in derailing his vision? Perhaps.

I just hope this all works out in the end and we get a great film that this character deserves.

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