2012 Moves its Release Date

2012, the story of the end of everything as predicted by Nostradamus was intended to be a summer hit, but Sony has delayed the film in favour of a preemptive Thanksgiving season release.


While such a decision seems to suggest that the effects-laden film won’t be ready, or that the studio lacks confidence in the film, Sony insists that’s not the case. Sony’s head of international distribution, Rory Bruer, insists that the film would have been ready for its July release date. But the studio felt they had a very strong summer slate with “Angels and Demons” on May 15, and the Denzel Washington, John Travolta thriller “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three” on June 12. They also have the international distribution rights to “Terminator: Salvation,” so when it comes to the big bucks of the blockbuster season, they’re all set.

I guess they also figured this movie might do better on a weekend that is opening against The Tooth Fairy and Sherlock Holmes.

I am still on the fence about Sherlock Holmes, but I would think this might fare better than the Tooth Fairy however I an always cautiously aware of the power of a family film.

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