2009 Movie Preview Images Online

There are a whole lot of new images from a whole lot of movies. Nothing outlandish or groundbreaking. Kinda more of the same we have seen but worth a stroll through the gallery.
Coming Soon says:

Entertainment Weekly has published new photos from 15 releases in 2009, including: Public Enemies; Terminator Salvation; Where the Wild Things Are; Watchmen, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Up; Year One; Land of the Lost; X-Men Origins: Wolverine; and Angels & Demons.

You can see the EW gallery here

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24 thoughts on “2009 Movie Preview Images Online

  1. i don’t like it. it’s like the rest of the wolverine pics – too neat, obviously posed. the water is too calm. it looks like he’s posing. he should be exploding out of the water.

  2. actually…i think they DID kill his wife

    i dotn know i never read much x men

    always been more of a captain america guy
    and also i think ozymandias from watchmen happens to BE god

  3. @Matt…. WB Made the movie and is contesting that they hold the rights. Fox is attempting to delay the release because they want the money they hope this movie will get.

    Yes, the fans are getting screwed, but if Fox has the rights to it and doesn’t get paid for it, they are also getting screwed.

    Money rules Hollywood, not fans.

  4. what would it matter if fox had the rights if its as good as they say it is then they should just go ahead and release it, if its delayed only people that get screwed would be the fans

  5. @Eddie

    The injunction to stop watchmen from being released is still in court. Fox won the case that proved they had some rights (in part) to Watchmen.

    On the books so far, Watchmen will come out. Until a judge says otherwise.

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