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We announced a little while back that Cheech and Chong would be hitting the comedy clubs for a brand new tour. It looks like the Weinstein’s want everyone to get a chance to see the show and are forging it to film. We get the following news thanks to our friends at IESB:

The Weinstein Company (TWC) have partnered with Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, and their managers Ben Feigin and Josh Klein to produce a concert movie to memorialize the comic duo’s reunion and first tour together in 25 years. The announcement was made today by Barry Gordon, executive vice president of home entertainment at TWC.

“The Cheech and Chong Concert Movie” will be an historic, must-experience event for the many fans that grew up listening to their recordings and watching their movies,” said Barry Gordon, EVP of Home Entertainment at TWC. “For the millions of new fans who have discovered Cheech and Chong over the years as cultural icons, this will be the first time many of them will be able to enjoy the artistry and one-of-kind magic that is Cheech and Chong live on stage. This is the comedy event of the decade.”

The comedy event of the decade will be seeing these two live and in person, but the film will be a quality substitute for those that are unable to get tickets.

People love Cheech and Chong and are pumped to see them back on the stage – I know I am. I grew up renting Cheech and Chong films as a child. I didn’t get half the jokes; but still enjoyed myself immensely. Now that I am old enough to milk the shaft of innuendo, I can wrangle out all of the hidden meanings and enjoy the films on another level.

I am thankful that TWC has decided to share this tour (for money) so that all may enjoy it. This may also serve as a permanent record of what may be the last tour from this legendary duo.

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3 thoughts on “Cheech And Chong Concert Film

  1. Doug, you get it!! Proud of you. A true comedic appreciation for the signs of my/those times. I caught Cheech and Chong live in the day. The memory that makes me smile the most was watching one of the security guards a cat about my age. Some off duty Houston Cop making some coin. Laughing along with us. Maybe it was a contact high.. Maybe because at that moment we all the same. Funny is funny. “Glad we didn’t step in it” still makes me grin.

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