19 thoughts on “100 Movie Spoilers In 5 Minutes

  1. Dammit! They spoiled Scarface, The Departed, and The Passion for me!

    Well, maybe not the Passion, but they spoiled the rest! Damn them to hell!

  2. Not to be nitpicky but in the Bad News Bears, the bears did not win. They lost…then threatened to stick the trophy up the opponents asses while walter Matthau sprayed them all down with beer. Only in the 70’s. Am I wrong in this though???

  3. fuck they spoiled rocky balboa for me…he lost at the end?

    well its not liek i was actually going ot watch it…

  4. The Heath Ledger joke was a little rough. Plus, I liked the Lord of The Rings joke better when it was done by Kevin Smith. The rest was really pretty funny though… And I completely agree with Party Marty. That plot does sound really dumb when said outloud…

  5. Personally, I’m getting kinda tired of people saying “Rosebud was the sled” as if it gives everything away. That is not the point of the movie, and I do not believe I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t already know it was the sled. I know they were just making a joke, but I’m sick of so many people making the same joke.

    The rest of it was awesome though.

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