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  1. This movie doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal as you’re making it. I’m a Christian too, but I still think this movie looks funny. If you haven’t noticed BONNIE, God does seem to have a sense of humor. I mean, he did create laughter and humor both, didn’t he?

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    My answer to Hamlet 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trSw7AQ5nkA

    PS I have seen the movie. I guess you guys just don’t get it. The people “forcing” their views on others are the people who held up The Saviour to open ridicule and mockery. I, for one, will stand for Christ. When you mock, you are only fulfilling scripture anyway. It’s like a script, and you’re following it to the letter.

  3. I don’t usually post comments but this topic interested me. As a christian I understand why so many people could be offended by this, but the fact of the matter is anyone who wants to watch this film has a right to and “Tru Christians” shouldn’t stand in judgement of anyone for it. It’s good to voice your beliefs but we should do so without sounding condescending, afterall one of the things that gives us the right to be christians gives everyone else the right not to be. In reply to the comment by nice girls get laid too “Why does it bother Christians like Stephanie Schneider if other people view films like this? Why can’t Christians focus on their own lives and their own peers (other Christians) and families? Why do Christians insist upon preaching their religion to anyone who doesn’t believe in it?” The reason isn’t to be preachy, it’s in hopes of helping are fellow man. As christians we believe that if you don’t obey the laws of god you don’t go to heaven, and no christian wants to see other people (whether we know them or not) not go to heaven. I understand your statement because it would be aggrevating if other people stood around and forced there beliefs on me, I’m just trying to point out that maybe there trying to help in there own way. So to christians out there if you don’t want to watch the movie don’t (I’m not) but don’t make it sound like the people that are will be burning in hell, because nobody makes that call but Jesus himself.



    Thank you for being the voice of reason. In all honesty, my comments did tend to get a little too personal. This is completely apart from the fact that some people are sure to find this movie hilarious. I sure am going to enjoy it. However, I may point out that I did not attack anybody’s religious beliefs. I do not think in any way that Christianity or any other religion for that matter are pointless or unnecessary. On the contrary, I have a history of strict Catholic upbringings, and I’ve seen religion working in the best of ways for people all over the world. I simply disagree with individuals who pose views which are general, and the thought that everyone must share the exact same views. If this is what BONNIE (and again I’m sorry for being so harsh) and anyone who shares her opinions really want, they should work on a larger scale (global peace and the general advancement of the world) rather than concentrating on a movie that I’m planning on seeing regardless of what they tell me. I feel that arguing with me and anyone who feels the same way as I is pointless. I am, however, using this opportunity to teach a lesson; This movie will not topple the Christian way of life. Those who oppose the movie should simply avoid it. Preaching against it is simply adding fuel to the fire. Please do not feel this to be in any way sarcastic. I’m sorry. Please try to understand what it is I’m saying and perhaps we will soon be able to accept each others opinions.

    Respectfully yours,

  5. ok…if your gonna bag on anyone, at least be funny. this movie is completly not funny…unless your high or drunk im sure. Can anyone be funny without making fun of people? and you know what…they’re not even funny? please respect that other people have beliefs, and if you don’t that’s fine…but thats not a reason to make fun of the people who do believe in Jesus Christ.

  6. Dear sweet innocent BONNIE. Tisk tisk. Really? Is that your argument? My dear, have you heard the song? It is not dirty in the least. Surely there is slight profanity, but nothing “dirty.” The idea is that Jesus is sexy, not that he’s engaging in sexual acts. 1-0 my favor. Point number two: associating a religious symbol with rock music is “SICK, DECADENT, and DEMENTED.” Well, my dear sweet simple BONNIE, have you not heard of Christian rock bands? I’m rather a fan of Switchfoot. 2-0 me. However, your ideas which I’m assuming are meant to mimic “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” are just too clever. I refuse to believe you’ve come up with such clever parodies on your own. I must admit, they’re quite good, and I should imagine I would be just as tickled to see fully staged show numbers such as these in Hamlet 2. So, should you decide in the future to become a writer or a producer, you, my dear BONNIE, shall be able to atone for your obnoxious ways and… you know what? I’m wasting my time. BONNIE, you’re wrong!


    PS: You spelled squeal wrong. Haha!

  7. It doesn’t matter if you are a religious person or not…JUST THE VERY THOUGHT of taking a symbol of someone or some thing from the beliefs of a religous group and turning it into something dirty & associating it with rock music is SICK, DECADENT and DEMENTED!!!! What will we have next……a movie called “Spread your legs for Allah” or a song called “Bend over Budda and squill like a pig” or “Mary….was an awsome mother______” or “Jew me down for Abraham”… THESE PEOPLE ARE PATHETIC!!!!!

  8. Oh my sexy Jesus! Nice Girls, are my new favorite person! Well spoken. I COMPLETELY agree!

    Side note: Jesus had a sense of humor. Ever hear of the Wandering Jew?

  9. come on people, most christians don’t even know what christ was really like, he cared more about helping people than being mocked or made fun of. that’s what makes him so cool. he went about doing good and when people mocked him, he told them not to worry about it. i don’t think jesus would be offended by this, why should you? if you don’t like it don’t go see it, other wise, ligten up and go rent “life of brian”

  10. I don’t wear any badges.
    My parents assume themselves catholic because they were told they were from a very young age.
    humanity has to get rid of all these”tru christian”etc. crap.
    We’re doomed to separation and war if not.
    But that’s probably going to be the case for a long time yet.
    And if you are a “christian”or whatever.then what have you got to worry about.
    You’re already saved,


  11. And you just assume Jesus still exists because it was written in a book when we knew so little about the universe.
    Funnily enough,there hasn’t been any new books in the bible for quite some time.

  12. First of all, as an English Professor and a lover of literature, I have more trouble with the title Hamlet 2 than Rock Me Sexy Jesus. When I teach argument, like my colleagues and mentors, I do not allow students to use religious views as support for an argument. If one is arguing that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned, then the writer has to appeal to an audience who doesn’t already agree with her. That means, her audience will not respond to a faith based argument. What happens when a student uses a faith based argument is that the discussion becomes about faith as oppossed to the original topic. I see that happening on this discussion forum.

    The truth of the matter is, there are millions of people who are not Christians. They may be Jewish, Muslim, Universal Uniterians, or atheists. These people have a right to believe what they want to believe and watch what they want to watch. (Please don’t start with the “What about the children” argument. For the moment, let’s assume that a person can raise a child responsibly regardless of faith.)

    I don’t see what the problem is here. Every movie that features, praises, or acknowledges Jesus Christ violates the principles of the Jewish religion. People have a right to watch what the want to, and I am constantly baffled by people of any religious sect who insist upon forcing their views upon others.

    Why does it bother Christians like Stephanie Schneider if other people view films like this? Why can’t Christians focus on their own lives and their own peers (other Christians) and families? Why do Christians insist upon preaching their religion to anyone who doesn’t believe in it? Why, Stephanie, does it bother you that I am going to watch that movie? Why don’t you pray for me, and in the spirit of Christ, focus on helping the poor and the sick or volunteering where your faithful efforts will be appreciated? Why do you waste your time preaching over a film?

    Why do you care about what other people are doing? Watching this movie is not going to kill anyone (unlike the War in Iraq and unlike capital punishment). Why does the fact that people are watching this bother you? Why? Why?



    The first, vain meaning evil, is very commonly seen, or rather heard, when people use God’s Name, or the Son of God’s Name, as a form of vulgar expression, or profanity – which are forms of blasphemy. People who do this may think that only themselves, or the people who they are talking to, know that they’re doing it, but God can hear them every time they blaspheme Him or His Son (see also Glass Houses).

    “Not every one that saith unto Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of My Father which is in heaven.”
    “Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy Name? And in Thy Name have cast out devils? And in Thy Name done many wonderful works?”

    “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity.”

  14. The movie is trash as well as the highschool level actors they cast. I dont mind they made fun of Jesus they will be sorry when the fires of hell consume them. As for islam lol what a joke, yea lets all worship a child molester like muhammad what a piece of trash no wonder they all live in the desert.

  15. Posted by “Michele dodds”:

    “I am beyond offended by the movie title and trailer, let alone the content of the movie”

    You are offended by the title “Hamlet 2”? What are you, Shakespeare’s bed buddy or something?

    Its obvious that the people who are so “offended” by this movie have NOT seen it and therefore don’t have a leg to stand on when commenting on it. GO SEE IT, then come back and comment. Until then, keep it to your self

  16. I’d say these mockers will be “rocked” in a way they didn’t think possible when the Lord of Heaven takes note of them (oh, and sex will certainly be the furthest thing from their minds):

    Revelation 6:15-17 (New King James Version)

    15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders,the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16 and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

  17. Also, after watching the restricted clip, there seems to be some sort of description for the title of the song. Something about Jesus appealing to a modern day audience? Seems plausible.

  18. I totally agree with “Nice Girls” (interesting name you’ve got there). Anyhew, I’m sorry to all those who don’t understand the humor. I had anticipated the more conservative audience would react in a negative manner, but there is less cause for alarm here than anywhere else. Citing two specific examples, it is most reasonable to accept this genre of comedy as a farce. As I understand it, you (and I’m sorry to generalize, but SCLUMINATTEE put it so bluntly) “Tru Christians” believe that God/Jesus/Mary (Cathlocism?) will be with you regardless of what you do. So… if the trailer offends, don’t see the movie. This seems simple enough of a concept. Boycotting, as in campaigning against, the film will just prove to be annoying to other moviegoers. And that, my friends, is just not a very Christian thing to do. Is it Christian to be annoying? I think not.
    Another point of interest is the inclusion of the drama and theater aspect of the film. It’s nearly mirrored to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ: Superstar,” correct? The general idea of this is to maintain the holiness of christianity by containing it within the sanctity of the stage. The catharsis which occurs in the theater, stage or film, is truly a religious experience in itself. There is much evidence of this both in literature and in history. Restoration poets and playwrights wrote things which blatently critiszed Jesus and the church. And guess what… the churches embraced it. They had their followers and were gaining more every day. It was acceptable in one of the most strict and proper of times to poke fun at religion ON STAGE. Now, if we’ve come to the point where anyone is boycotting this, it is the direct result of a lack of faith. The stage is a sacred place. It played a central role in both Southern and Western European culture and religious aspects. If we lose this, where can we express ourselves? Life. Our lives will become the fantasies. The stage carries only lies which portray the truth through us. So, yeah, maybe the chorus sings “rock me sexy Jesus,” but does Jesus have a deeper meaning in this film as he does in many of our lives? Let’s hope so, otherwise I’ve just wasted ten minutes typing this. Thank you for reading my thoughts.

    Respectfully yours.

  19. To the person who commented that “Tru” Christians are going to boycott this film:

    Duh, of course they are. Don’t you the filmmakers intended this? Don’t you think that makes people happy? Do you realize that some people care more about insulting right wing conservatives than making money? Maybe it has to do with the fact that right wing conservatives think everything is their business (like whether or not people they have never met have abortions, so here’s a nice sturdy soap box for them to stand up on. Hopefully they’ll be too busy protesting this film to vote for a Republican! If only as many “Tru” Christians had boycotted the war in Iraq.

  20. I am beyond offended by the movie title and trailer, let alone the content of the movie. This is the sin of our nation going down the tubes a little more. I am a sinner too, but I am at least going to stand up as a Christian and say that this is wrong. This is disrespectful to my Savior and Lord Jesus. The Bible commands that we do not talk the Lord’s name in vain and we remember God’s name and keep it holy. This is none of those. Please, please, fellow Americans…we need to demand respect and love for our God and Savior. If as a country we dont’ begin to stand for something we are going to continue to fall…

  21. Ok, first of all, I don’t think this mocks Christianity too much. I mean, it might, but in the day and age we’re living in, it’ll do good for some comic relief. I mean, they speak of Jesus dying for our sins..so it’s not that bad.

  22. The song in this Movie is an insult to Tru Christians, I guess if we straped big AK47’s Fully loaded these clowns would never try to disrespect and downgrade the name of Jesus. Well they went over board this time, this movie is gonna be boycoted by christians everywhere. The Makers of this movie are gonna lose money in all directions. Theatres that desire to stay in bussiness BETTER REFUSE TO SHOW HAMLET 2.

  23. The song in this Movie is an insult to Tru Christians, I guess if we straped big AK47’s Fully loaded these clowns would never try to disrespect and downgrade thew name of Jesus. Well they went over board this time, this movie is gonna be boycoted by christians everywhere. The Makers of this movie are gonna lose money in all directions. Theatres that desire to stay in bussiness BETTER REFUSE TO SHOW HAMLET 2.

  24. Funny how they can always make of Christians, but they would never dare to make fun of Islam….How about Rock Me Sexy Mohammed…

  25. “Be not deceived. God is not mocked for in due season, you will reap.” Everyone involved must have been really desperate to get into show business!

  26. I think this film is geared more towards theatre/drama people. And the reaction to the movie will be just like the one in the youtube clip: one person laughing.

  27. Not sure how this movie will be; but this song shall now officially be the new Christian theme song and blasted from all their churches; let it be known – Rock me sexy Jesus!


  28. Oh goodness. I think I’m really gonna enjoy this movie simply because I am in drama club at school and can relate to a lot of cliches that always seemed to be used (the whole 1950s thing especially)

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