Enchanted Sequel Underway

EnchantedIt looks like the delightful film Enchanted is going to be put into the sequel machine and start to pump out bastards shortly, We get the following news from our good friends at moviehole:

A foxy little birdie cheeped in my ear this morning that Disney is developing a sequel to its staggeringly-successful “Enchanted” – and the production has inched forward significantly in the past month or two, as a direct result of those smashing DVD sales.

Kevin Lima, the chap behind the original, has apparently already spoken to Disney about the sequel. It’s not yet known whether the sequel will reunite Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey – though, if the price is right, it probably will – or fix on a new bunch of characters (who’ll leave toon-town for the bright lights, big city of modern-day America). “That’s what the guts of the discussions are about at the moment”, we’re told.

I thought Enchanted was a fantastic film and applauded Disney for a fine return to form. It’s a movie that may even be welcomed alongside other Disney classics in the cannon of wonder. Because of the success of the first film I am not surprised that there is a sequel; but I am a little disappointed.

When you have an excellent film like this, that stands so well on its own – just leave it be. The tale had a storybook ending, leave it at that. Jack and the Beanstalk never had a sequel, nor did Old Yeller and those tales both live on to this day. There is something very cheap about making an Enchanted sequel and I am saddened by this decision. Now that Disney has some wind in their sails – I was hoping for a renewed sense of vision and a renewed age of creation. Instead they have opted to take the easy route and milk their glorious creation in order to fill the vaults.

Who knows, this film could rule and I may rue the day I spoke these words; but this decision just doesn’t sit right with me. I feel like a HIghlander 2 is on the horizon.

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34 thoughts on “Enchanted Sequel Underway

  1. I wouldn’t want the sequel to ruin the happy ending. On the other hand, I was curious to see more of Nancy’s story and the world of Andalusia. Adams and Dempsey could be extended cameos, because much as I enjoyed their performances, I think it would be better to focus on another couple falling in love.

    Maybe the story could follow the little girl, who ten years later wouldn’t be a “little” girl, but a teenager. Maybe she’s disillusioned, and no longer admits to believing in fairytales? They could do something with her mother returning and fighting her father for shared custody, and/or the girl feeling jealous of the time her father and Giselle spend with a new child. Somehow, she ends up sucked into Andalusia the way Giselle was sucked into NY–as someone said, flip the concept on its head.

  2. i am really excited, i want there to be 100 sequels! sequels are so awesome!

    things i would like to see in the sequel:
    idina sing!
    patrick dempsey and rachel covey be animated
    inside of edward’s castle
    giselle fall into a cloning machine and there end up to be like 100 giselles
    edward and nancy have a baby
    giselle do a civil war reanactment
    patrick dempsey sing
    dr. who end up in andalasia
    edward’s horse talk

  3. A sequel must reprise all of the characters: Robert and Giselle, Edward, Clara (a morfed Clarissa, the good “sister”, and Giselle’s mother, I’m guessing Julie Andrews), Robert’s ex comes back for Morgan–not good, but is “rescued” by Pip. The “not-a-very-nice-old-man” return of the tiara which maybe morfs him into Dick van Dyke, Giselle’s dad.

  4. Love, love love the movie and I think a sequel would be a blast. They have so many ways they could take it and with this group of talent, you need to “believe'”…. (cue song here)

  5. I know that some of you are dissapointed about the segual because it’s suppoused 2 be an happily ever after and u want 2 leave it like that.The story was based on giselle and robert’s end, but what if they made the movie based on Morgan.I just keep getting wacky ideas.

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    I’d love a sequal if the two key actors returned, I loved the characters. I’d love to see what happend with there characters. Maybe have a new villain of some sort. If not I’d love to see Zac Efron or Joe Jonas play a prince part ^^

  7. I would love to see a sequel!! I don’t know if everyone will agree with me on this, but if Kirsten Dunst would reprise Giselle’s role and look the way she did in the Spiderman movies, I think she would be a welcome addition to the cast!! I think Kirsten Dunst looked absolutely beautiful and she has the same real life persona as the princess!! She is so bubbly and festive and at the same time really sweet!!

  8. i would love for the 2. The 1 one kinda left it there. i was thinking the story could involve Morgan who’s a little older. what if the evil queen was alive and looking for revenge and Morgan got pulled in Abdalusia and got trapped. now Morgan must travel to find a way home.

  9. Maybe if it was soemthing that flowed naturally. I was thinking that maybe something like her sister comes to find her or such. I read soemwhere that there was some disappointment that Amy didn’t get discovered when she was in her 20’s. Maybe they could just expand on the world of Andalasia, and then keep Amy and also introduce fresh faces.

  10. Enchanted is my favourite movie, too!!!

    A sequel could be SO much fun – as long as afterwards, the last line in the original Enchanted still rung true: Julie Andrews saying, “And so, they all lived happily ever after”.

    One direction that would be really cool is if Narissa gets herself back to Andalasia, and reeks havoc for Nancy!

    I do have faith in the original creators pulling it off, whatever it’s about :)

  11. A sequel would be wonderful if handled properly. We were very disappointed in the Pirates sequels. The first was best.

    Using the main cast, at least Adams and Dempsey, would be fantastic. I’d like to see more about Giselle’s dress shop, what happened to Nancy in Andalaysia, and of course, how Robert and Giselle are making out in the real world.

    A good starting point for a sequel would be from the Ball Room scenes, how the media handled this, and maybe have someone from this dance go forward with their own fairy tale romance, keeping in the comedy and connections to other Disney movies!

    Or starting from Giselle’s dress shop. One of her clients would listen to her tales and dream maybe? I like this thought even better… Just hope it doesn’t take 10 years to make this one too. The main characters might not be included and that would ruin it right away for me.

  12. I think a sequel is possible only if they have the same team working on it, cast and all. I’m pretty sure Disney knows they have to work three times as hard to make the sequel work. Even though the first one is built on ‘ everyone lives happily ever after ‘ doesn’t mean that there won’t be a few bumps in the road!! Just think of the possibilities people!! Did we ever REALLY see Narissa die?? How is Nancy coping in Andalasia?? I personally would love to see how Gissele’s fantasy persona and Robert’s very practical outlook works into a balanced marriage. Just as long as the whole team is together again I’m sure Disney would have another hit in its hands. Of course it won’t be better than the first but then again nothing ever is.

  13. Enchanted is my favorite movie. I would like to see the sequel very much. And I wouldn’t care if it might be not as good as the original, really. For me (and I believe for those, who also fall in love with this movie) it is priceless having a chance of seeing those characters once more.
    IMHO this will work only in case the same producer and cast will be employed for this.
    I am pretty sure, Kevin Lima & Disney will find the way to get the right script/story and make the it work again.

  14. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)
    Enchanted was not my kind of flick, but that being said, I ended up seeing it and actually, gasp!, enjoying it. (The chipmunk pooping himself still makes me laugh).
    Now, of course, 100’s of millions of dollars later, Disney wants to make a sequel. And this just makes me sick. How could the story even remotely warrant a sequel? It was done. Capoot. Finito.
    The pirate movies I could understand. Pirates do lots of interesting things. This was a one time creative endeavor. There’s nothing else to it that could be interesting. Let it rest. Make money elsewhere for god sakes!

    1. aren’t u curious if the evil queen is still alive. Ok look u know harry potter right? well u see they keep making more andd why to make the story interesting. Don’t say anything bad about a movie before u watch it

      1. They keep making more movies cause they have to make the movies to coincide with the books that were previously written. There are two Harry Potter films, even though there is one book left in the series, left. Than they’re done, finito, etc.

      2. Abby, it is clear you are a young woman who enjoyed the movie. That’s fine, but you do understand the reason they make more Harry Potter movies is that there are 7 Harry Potter books?
        Trust me, the movies will stop when the books do.

    1. is it really? if u saw the movie then there are some holes in the story the didn’t fill us in. Example the flower shop, if the evil queen is dead, how is Nancy helping ruling andalsia , and what about Morgan. have u not once ask yourself these questions

  15. It wasn’t long ago that Disney announced they would stop pumping out direct to DVD sequels as it was detrimental to its long term profitability. I guess sequels are fine as long as they hit the cinemas.

  16. Agreed Phil Gee. It’s just any chance I get to bring up Disney and pencil – I go for it! ha-ha. If it were not for profitable turn-around, a switch of worlds in an Enchanted sequel would keep the idea fresh giving us something new in a familiar franchise.

  17. I absolutely loved Enchanted. The kiddo and I have seen it many times. The word of a sequel makes me sigh with disappointment. You know it won’t be as good. I can’t imagine this being any good.

  18. I am pretty disappointed too. Enchanted really came out of nowhere and could have been a throwaway made-for-tv movie. But it turned out to be a surprisingly cute movie that made people start to feel like Disney was on the right track again.

    But now we’re hearing “sequel”? Disney needs to know when to leave something alone because even if the sequel is great (yeah, right), it completely takes away from the “fairy tale ending” concept that this movie was built on.

    1. maybe they wanted to fix some stuff with the story.what if the character’s thought it was happily ever after. aren’t u curious if the evil
      queen was alive or what andalusia looks like

  19. ugh, a sequel? Really?

    The film was so amusing because it was fairly fresh with a good sense of humor that worked (well, until the end). But the humor is only fresh the first time.

  20. I think Disney has been longing for a big (non Pixar) hit for a long time so when you get one, you try and squeeze it for all it’s worth. That’s why we’re getting Shrek Goes Fourth, a prequel and a Puss in Boots spin off from Dreamworks.

    It would be nice to do a fully animated film for the Enchanted sequel but there are too problems with that. Disney probably wants a sequel for two years time and animated films can take a minimum four years to make, Plus, if you look at Disney’s release date for the next couple of years, they actually are returning to 2D classic fairy tales like Rapunzel so it might not work.

  21. I had wondered about a sequel just days ago. I tohught the gimmick of toon to real life was great, but a second time may not prove to hold.

    In a perfect world I want to see Disney to more pencil drawn animation and have real life characters from NYC find their way into the toon kingdom of Andalasia – flip the story on its head!

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