First Wolverine Poster Arrives

Well I am sure we will have a number of posters to look at before the film is released, but thanks to our friends at moviesonline we have obtained numero uno.


This poster is so hurting it will give you a “date” for food stamps. I understand that this is the first poster of many, but it just seems thrown together. It actually looks like 3 kukri knives coming through the metal more that the claws of Wolverine. If this was a poster for Kukri fight 3 I would be far more understanding. International friends – what are your thoughts?

******This poster has been outed as a fake. Thank you to the friends on the message board for the heads up.!*****

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18 thoughts on “First Wolverine Poster Arrives

  1. @ Melbye
    oh god no- hell have his claws if they want people watching it..all those bad guys and no claws? no theyre not going by the comic book this time (when DO they??)

  2. I think this movie will cover Wolverines past before and during his Weapon X days, which means he won’t have his metal claws yet, if they follow the comicbook that is.

  3. Even for a fan created poster, its really something else, the detail is well done, if it were the official poster, i would deffinately want to hang it on my wall

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