2 Hellboy Characters To Watch Out For

Superherohype has a fantastic write up about these 3 characters today and I recommend that you go and read the article. For our readers, I have included pictures and short descriptions 2 of the charters discussed in the article.



Wink is a cave troll that will be an enemy of Hellboy’s in the upcoming film. He has a metal hand that can be shot out like a missile and the reeled in with a chain!!!! If that was not awesome enough – they have actually created a working plastic, shoot-able and reel-able hand for the film!!!!! This attention to detail drives me bananas with excitement!

Johann Kraus

Johan Kraus

After a seance goes horribly awry Johann Kraus is transformed into a cloud of ectoplasm. His suit holds him together and allows him to function in a tangable world. Of all the news that has come out from the Hellboy camp – I am most excited about this character. I am glad we are going to see a lot of him, this character is creative as fuck! Magnola really outdid himself with this one.

I am very excited about this upcoming Hellboy film. I have seen the trailer on the big screen and it looks outstanding! I loved the first film and cannot wait to see what we have in store for the next. Please make sure to check out the article at superherohype, they have ongoing coverage and stories from the HB set and it is a good read.

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10 thoughts on “2 Hellboy Characters To Watch Out For

  1. I cannot wait. I’m reading the set reviews and interviews while skipping all the heavy spoilers. This is my #2 movie to see this year, right behind Dark Knight.

  2. HE LOOKS LIKE MYSTERIO! haha! thats such a wack spiderman character! lmao! (him and kraven the hunter) those 2 guys pawn so much…this guys cool tho

    no i had to point that out…..

  3. dude what about the blonde guy that almost cuts hellboys head off? and the huge squid at the end of the trailer? (no wait thats probably like a dumbass side character i take that back)
    thing is i never read dark horse comic books so i know nothing about hellboy but- its going to be pretty rad

    @ miles
    yeah thats another guy tho dude- and he had skin to hold it together he didnt need the suit. (i wish i could do what he does with swords tho…fucking ninja)

  4. Miles: You’re thinking of Kroenen, who had sand instead of blood. He wasn’t held together by a suit though.

    I’m a big Hellboy fan, and pretty much love anything del Toro does, so this is definitely one of the films I’m looking forward to the most this summer, up there with The Dark Knight and Iron Man.

  5. Speaking of characters to watch out for this summer…how about the Zima drinking “Fanny Bandit Campea” as an extra in The Hulk?

  6. What I love about Del Toro is that he still uses real stuff in his films that’s actually built from the ground up but if it’s impossible he’ll then go for CGI. Unlike George Lucas, who just about made everything CG.

  7. Yeah, I was a huge fan of the first one, regardless of the huge Christian undertones the film thew at us “remember who you are!”. Not a fan of that, but still it contained a lot of potential. I think we’re seeing some of that potential with these early looks. Can’t wait. It’s gonna be the comic book summer to remember. Batman, Hellboy, The Hulk, Ironman, and I’m sure they still have enough time to rush out another craptastic Fantastic Four. :P

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