Uwe Boll To Make Yet Another Videogame Film

uwe-boll.jpgI bet there are a lot of people groaning and swearing after reading the headline for this article, but alas, it is true. This time however, Mr. Uwe Boll is smart and is making the film BEFORE the game is actually released.

The good folks at Slashfilm give us this:

Arrow in The Head reports that Boll has acquired rights to an unreleased action roleplaying game, Legend: Hand of God. Boll expects to shoot Legend with a $40 million budget in 2009. The game will be released in the United States early next year.

Well, what can I say about Mr. Uwe Boll? I surprisingly don’t hate him like the rest of the online community does. Sure, his films are bad. I only watched ‘Alone in The Dark’ because my former employer (Arrow in the Head’s John Fallon) had a small cameo in the film. As soon as his cameo was over, so was my viewing experience of AITD. I never watched ‘BloodRayne’ because I had heard horrendous things about it, and I only watched ‘House of the Dead’ because I’m a sucker for zombie films.
But, one extraordinary thing I noticed about Mr. Uwe Boll is that he has become the Ed Woods are our time, which is why he gets as much work as he does. Am I looking forward to this project? No. Although, I am willing to give ‘Postal’ a chance. So like or not, Uwe Boll’s film career is still flourishing, and we will see more of his films in the near future. What are your thoughts?

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10 thoughts on “Uwe Boll To Make Yet Another Videogame Film

  1. I just had to comment on that photo of Boll. He has such a confident self-love about him, either totally unaware of his status as a filmmaker or completely aware but not giving a shit.

  2. Just want to thank KREWO for letting me know where he gets the financing for his uber-bad films. I place him in the same lame director class as Uli Lommell! I have always wondered who the heck is giving these guys money over and over again to make these stinker movies!

  3. “…he has become the Ed Woods are our time, which is why he gets as much work as he does” – I don’t understand what you mean. You are basically saying that he gets more work because his movies are bad, which doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like somebody is encouraging him to make more bad movies.

    Also, the guy is not from Hollywood and he finances his own movies. He is able to acquire funding thanks to German tax laws that reward investments in film. He basically wants to make movies and he knows how to use the system to get the money he needs. Some have speculated that he is in fact washing money for other people. He’s either a good businessman who knows what he’s doing and uses movies as a frontend to make money indirectly, either an idiot who persists in thinking he’s a director even if he completely sucks at it. What’s certain is that he has a complete lack of talent. Based on his answers to criticism and his stupid stunts like the boxing match, I incline to think that he’s just an idiot who has the proper connections and the knowledge to make money, nothing else.

  4. How can you not NOT LIKE Uwe Boll. You tolerate his crappy movies? I mean for fuck sakes, he is such a douche that he calls out the critics that give him bad reviews and wants to box them even tho they have no experience boxing and he use to box. That’s just pussy-ness right there. Make a good movie for once and stop whining you little whore Boll.

  5. 40 million dollars?! Man does this guy know how to get the dough for his films. It kills me, though, when you think of all the other people in Hollywood, or wherever, that can’t scrape up enough money and, actually, have a good, or great, film in them.

  6. I never cared much for Boll, but I saw a clip from Postal where the main character “Dude” uses a cat for a silencer, so as you’ve guessed im looking forward to postal.

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