‘Sex and The City’ Movie Release Date!

sex-and-the-city.jpgEcstatic SATC female fans (and males who don’t like to admit they like show) rejoice! It appears that the soon to be shot film adaptation of the popular tv show has indeed set a theatrical release date.

MTV Movies Blog gives us this:

We’ve just been informed that New Line has laid claim to a release date for it’s soon to be filmed “Sex and the City” movie. Got your datebook out? Alright, May 30, 2008 is the date. Clearly the studio has alot of confidence in the commercial prospects of this one, choosing one of the biggest early summer weekends to launch the ladies on the big screen.

I remember talking about this on the audio edition a few months back, and I agreed with John Campea that this movie is going to make HUGE money! This is the girl’s TRANSFORMERS! Women will see this movie over and over again, and if you guys want any chance to get in our pants, taking us to the SATC movie will definitely increase your slim chances. A lot of you guys out there may be annoyed by this news, but think of it. If this movie does well, expect a lot of other retired shows to make it on the big screen. Think of the possibilities….Any who, so I marked that day off my calendar. So, who wants to take me? ;)

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11 thoughts on “‘Sex and The City’ Movie Release Date!

  1. Any woman that doesn’t appreciate SATC has not watched more than one episode… I was inadvertently forced to watch a couple while stuck in Florida, and I was hooked.

    If you are the type of woman that does not soul search or self-assess, then you will not appreciate this series… this will appeal to the women that can relate to one or all of the characters.

    And yes, having an immense accessory collection of one-of-a-kind shoes, purses, coats and scarves… helps.

  2. I’m surprised and disappointed though that they’re not incorporating any of the other old (but fabulous) stars from the series into the story, if only for cameos even. i.e. Aidan, Berger, Trey, Richard, Robert, Aleksandr

  3. “The sad thing is, this is absoluetly true for most women. I’d rather watch Prime than old cougars, but maybe I’m the odd girl out.”

    Wow! I thought I was the only one!
    Never understood the appeal of SATC. Give me giant robots any day.

  4. “This is the girl’s Transformers!”

    The sad thing is, this is absoluetly true for most women. I’d rather watch Prime than old cougars, but maybe I’m the odd girl out.

  5. That would be the ONLY reason or way to get me into a theater to see this. I would endure the agony of this movie, for someone special…
    If I were to expect a woman to endure my kind of movies, then I guess I would endure hers.


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