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UnderclassmanPoster.jpgI remember the first time I saw the trailer for Underclassman. Sitting in the theater, the trailer came up, it played, it ended and then one of the people sitting beside me turned to another person and asked them “Was that just a joke… or is it actually a real movie”? And he was asking seriously.

I haven’t encountered a more stupid looking movie since Baby Geniuses 2. Ladies and gentlemen I run a website that talks about movies, and I get into movies for free… AND YET I STILL REFUSE TO ABUSE MYSELF BY GOING TO SEE THIS. Besides, I think I already saw this… it was called 21 Jump Street.

Well the critics are weighing in now… and the picture they’re painting is even uglier than I thought it would be. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Underclassman doesn’t even try to be good.”

“Nick Cannon desperately wants to be Eddie Murphy, but doesn’t have the script or depth to make it happen.”

“Nick Cannon isn’t nearly as funny as he thinks he is”
Edward Douglas, COMINGSOON.NET

“Cannon bounces through every frame hopped up with excess energy, rolling his eyes, spitting off rotten one-liners and overselling his blunt reactions to eye-splitting excess.”

Yeah… did any of us expect any different. Right now Underclassman has a miniscule 5% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and I don’t expect it to get any higher.

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One thought on “Underclassman Reviews

  1. Like you said, the terrible reviews are expected. However, I’m deathly afraid that people will actually go see this and it’ll do good work at the box office.

    I don’t understand it but people seem to like Nick Cannon. I think there’s a possibility that in time he could maybe become a good actor (if he took the time to actually grow and learn his craft) but right now he’s NOT. He’s NOT charming, he’s NOT funny, he’s nowhere near being the “Will Smith” he so desperately wants to be and it’s so irritating to see him topline these projects when he clearly can’t handle it.

    Why is he toplining projects? What’s it based on? Drumline? Sure, it may have been a moderate success but did anyone stop to maybe look at his “acting”? It’s so profoundly irritating that I can’t watch it without wanting to smack him across the face and say “can’t you just act NORMAL and not like a complete MORON???”

    But people love him – especially Hollywood for some unholy reason – so we’ll no doubt be subjected to his movies for many years to come.

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