Scarlett Johansson Insisted On Topless Scene in The Island

ScarletJo_5.jpgScarlett Johansson is going to be a formidable actress. At 20 years old she is already displaying talent beyond her years. Her performances in Lost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring are both ones I’ll remember for some time. And yeah… it doesn’t hurt that she’s mighty attractive too.

Her new movie, The Island, opens later this week and my favorite kind of spoiler has just come out. Apparently Scarlett Johansson does a topless scene in the film. Yay! (what can I say? I’m a 14 year old at heart). But what’s really interesting is that apparently she insisted on doing a topless scene when director Michael Bay didn’t want her too. The good folks over at M&C give us this:

Scarlett claims director Michael Bay desperately tried to convince her to cover up but she refused because she felt the scene required her to be half naked. She revealed: “I said, ‘Women don’t normally sleep in a bra. I can’t wake up in this scene wearing a bra, it’s ridiculous!'”

Hmmm… mixed feelings here. One the one hand no actor should be “insisting” anything to a director. The director is the boss. PERIOD. I really hope Johansson isn’t starting to get full of herself. However… who am I do argue with the end results? :)

A few people who have seen sneek previews of The Island have emailed me this morning to let me know that the topless scene never happens. I guess Bay changed his mind back to stay within the PG-13 ratings. Probably a good move… but I feel like crying now.

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22 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson Insisted On Topless Scene in The Island

  1. Dang nabb it man; I wanted to see ’em ta ta’s. I think that Scarlett is one of the most beautiful actresses out there right now, and if she wants to show the world the ‘goods’; so be it! When a hot actress comes up to the director and says, hey, I want to throw these bad boys out for a bit, two things come to mind: 1)Wish I went into film production and 2)PG-13 just went out the door…..time for NC17…. lol

  2. Scarlett is extremely talented, intelligent, beautiful, and experienced. She’s acted since she was a child. If she wants she should find a movie script that allows her to be topless or totally nude. She makes very wise decisions on movies like Lost in Translation, Ghost World, Girl with the pearl Earring, The Horse Whisperer, etc., of which all show her range. She is in her prime and her beauty reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. She’s very beautiful, sexy, sensual, and statuesque. As a very large fan, I’d love to see her. I don’t live in the Victorian “error”.

  3. saw the premier a few weeks back and there is no topless scene:( wtv…it was a great movie…even with scarlet in her bra….

  4. I could have sworn I also saw Halle Berry topless in SWORDFISH when it was in the theaters in the US. It couldn’t have been just Europe.

  5. I doubt it that there will be an “european” version with a topless scene. This might happen only if the scene would have been cut from the original release and readded later. It’s improbable they would film 2 different versions of this scene, one with the bra and one without it, and include them in 2 different releases of the movie. I assume the Halle Berry scene and the others were cut from the original release and readded in the other releases, not filmed in 2 different versions. Regarding the Island scene, no one mentioned anything about 2 versions of this scene, from what I read on various sites, including a Scarlett Johansson interview.

  6. We in europe got to see Halle Berry topless in Swordfish. There is topless scenes in Something’s Gotta Give, not to mention Eyes Wide Shut. The topless scene in The Island might very well show up in the european version of the film.

    Fingers crossed.


  7. This same kinda thing occurred way back when Hitchcock made Psycho. He wanted Janet Leigh bra-less in the very first scene of the movie, but I think restrictions back then were just too great to do it. And I think Janet leigh wasn’t exactly willing either.

    Scarlett Johannson has just become one of my favorite actors. They should have at least shot the scene for the DVD. But I think they could end up losing money over this. A nude scene creates buzz for a movie, especially one by a hot young actress. Cutting movies to a pg-13 don’t always help box office. Wedding Crashers just proved that.

    And I don’t see anything at all wrong with her suggesting forcefully that her idea was better. If she didn’t make sense I could understand saying she’s out of line, but she was right. If you know somethings right you’ve gotta speak up. The director obviously has final say though.

  8. Scarlett Johansson is a great actress and has great looks and a perfect body to match, I think Michael Bay had his reasons for not letting her show off her ta tas. We’ll all get to see her topless one day, and who knows, maybe they will come out with the Special Edition DVD of The Island that will have a deleted scene where Johansson is topless. A DVD is a wways away but we can all wait. right?

    Now Michael Bay should do what Sam Raimi does and listen to suggestions the actors have. It makes the movie a whole lot better, most of the time anyway. And when a beatiful actress like Scarlett suggest something like being topless for a scene, GO FOR IT! I can see Joel Shitmaker turning down an actress playing nude in a movie (for obvious reasons). Michael Bay probably thought it is to soon for a rising star like Johansson to show off her goods this early in the game, she is great and will become even greater. Maybe around 4 years from now, is when she should show them milkers off.

    Don’t get me wrong I want to see them just as well as the next guy or lesbian or star striken fan or whomever. She had me drooling in A Love Song For Bobby Long, I WANTED TO SEE THEM BEAUTYS THEN! But I think to many people see that little inocent girl we have seen in Manny & Lo and Home Alone 3, but people have got to realize that she is not a girl anymore but a mature woman who is a talented actress and if she wants to release the water ballons out of the napsack, LET HER DO IT!

    But as I said, I think Michael Bay was just trying to protect her carrer feeling it was to soon for her to be topless in a scvene or it would ruin the integrity of his movie (I don’t see how Scarlett’s boobs could ruin a movie but)well thats all in a bra, and we want to see the bra GONE!

  9. Puts on Vader mask.


    I’m a 14 year old at heart too John.

    ..I’m going to send a very nasty e-mail to Michal Bay’s production company saying how mad I am. Very, very nasty indeed.

  10. sorry folks… topless scene. saw a sneak preview last week. i think the article said Bay nixed it because of the PG13 rating ;(

    was a fun movie regardless. ewan & scarlett were both scalding HOT.

  11. I only thought women slept with next to nothing on withing the first few months of a relationship. Then other times its big baggy PJ’s or a Disney Character / Forever Friends t-shirt/night dress!!!

  12. Are you sure she really does this scene? The Hollywood News, from a Reuters source, reports that:

    “Apparently the young star of LOST IN TRANSLATION was stood on set wearing a cheap bra, which she clearly couldn’t get on with.

    “She’s standing there and she says, ‘I’m not wearing this cheap … bra. I’m going naked,”‘ Bay told Reuters at the New York premiere of THE ISLAND.

    “I said, ‘It’s PG-13, you have to wear the bra,”‘ he said.

    Damn you Bay!“

    Here’s the link:

    And here’s the original Reuters article:

  13. Hey Lilly,

    I think we’re just dealing with symantics. I certainly don’t mind an actor making suggestions to a director. That’s cool. But it’s not an actor’s place to TELL the director what they will or will not do for a scene because of how they believe the scene should go.

    Is her opinion about being topless in the shot correct? Yeah, it probably is (I’m behind the decision 100%!!!), however, if (and I’m using a BIG “if” here) she basically told the director “I’m not doing this scene unless we do it the way I think it should be done”, then I think she should have her ass fired.

    But like I said, it’s probably just symantics here. She probably just strongly suggested it and convinced Bay to change his mind. THe word “insisted” can mean different things.


  14. Insisting on playing a scene as a real woman would in real life does not consititute being full of herself, John. It tells me she recognised a moment of the movie that was going to be crap and she took the initiative to correct it. Clearly only a male screenwriter think women go to bed with dead sexy Victoria’s Secret bras on every single night. Not! If something doesn’t ring true for her as a woman, how is she gonna sell it as an actor? Besides, any other woman with half a brain in her shoes would have said the same thing to the director, and if they are brave enough, insisted on losing the bra but covering up with the sheet.

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