Rachel McAdams or Romola Garai for Black Cat?

With all the talk about who would be staring in Spiderman 4, it seems that auditions have been taking place for a lead female role, presumably Felicia Hardy – The Black Cat.

So far Rachel McAdams has been rumoured to be up for the role.

Fused Film tells us:

Mania.com is reporting that Rachel McAdams has met with the Spider-Man 4 producers about playing the role of Felicia Hardy a.k.a. The Black Cat. It was said that McAdams is the top contender to play the character, who starts out as a petty cat burglar in the comic books and develops an obsession with Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

And while it is just wild speculation that this even happened, from a completely separate news source, Worst Previews is sharing that Romola Garai was up for the same role.

Now, British actress Romola Garai (The Other Man, Amazing Grace) tells The Guardian that she has auditioned for some role as well. “[I] put myself ‘on tape’ for a part in ‘Spider-Man 4’,” she said. “This is the acting equivalent of the London Marathon in that it’s important to try your best as long as you understand that you aren’t going to win.”

Now it seems that the assumption is that this role is for Felicia Hardy, but that was never confirmed.

The most we have so far is that Sam Raimi is auditioning for a lead female role in Spiderman 4. Of course my instant reaction is that it would be Black Cat. I can’t think of anyone else predominate in Spiderman’s story that was female.

Of course this means we will be addressing another love interest for Peter. Didn’t we already have this jealosy storyline? Bah! Get with the action with a light personal side. We don’t want any more emo-Pete pining over his failing relationship.

We are still waiting to see if that “all but confirmed” story about the Lizard was really true too.

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19 thoughts on “Rachel McAdams or Romola Garai for Black Cat?

  1. Wasn’t there a rumor a long time ago that Eliza Dushku would be playing the Black Cat? I think Raimi expressed interest in the idea.

    Sure, she’s not a good actress, but I think she would fit the needs required.

  2. It seems like everyone is picking Rachel McAdams, probably only because they’ve heard of her.

    But physically, this Romola Garai fits the part WAY better.

    She’s a natural blonde and she’s very, very curvey… and busty. Google her images. She is HOT and fits my image of the Black Vat way, way, way more than thin, wiry brunette Rachel McAdams.

    Of course, I have no idea if Romola Garai can act! :-)

  3. Gotta chose Rachel cuz, well, she’s a hot Canadian and one from my region! ;) Plus, she seems like a woman that actually has some athletic ability and should be able to handle any of the physical stuff required. I don’t know anything about the Black Cat character, but I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem for her. She’s got talent.

  4. love rachel mc adams but sorry to say she does not have the presence of a black cat….and further more any time u see her your going to have thoughts of her from other movies…great actress but its like getting davidn faustino (bud bundy) to play caeser….wont work cause we all ready know him as the dorky brother to kelly…least thats my opinion.

  5. Rachel’s always good but Black Cat always had huge tits, so i guess a wonder bra is in her future.

    Lizard and Black Cat soundin’ pretty good.

  6. I love McAdams, she’s a great actress….it would be fine if she signed on…but I am kind of iffy on this.

    As for “love interest”…first off, it should be said that just because Black Cat/Felicia Hardy had an obsessive convulsive relationship with Spifer-Man/Peter Parker does not automatically mean that she is a ‘love interest’.

    But another issue should be brought up.
    How ’bout a sexy cleavage showing villain great in MMA, sets up clever escapes… who becomes an eventual heroine herself?

  7. Now, I’ll hate if they go with the ‘another love interest’ angle. But a female villain in any comic book movie sounds cool.

    1. Dude, they HAVE to go for “another love interest angle.” Otherwise, MJ and Peter get together and the story’s over. Besides, there’s going to be sexual tension between Peter and Black Cat, anyway.

      1. Gotta agree,though. I just dont want anything like gwen and peter had. And is there a way of killing mj, i hate kristen dunst(that whiny bitch).

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