Lethal Weapon 5? Glover and Gibson are up for it.

It is truly rare that you find a series that gets past 2 movies where you just love every chapter. For me, that is Lethal Weapon (and Star Wars – shaddap, I like them)

So now it seems that the original writer has propped himself under that moss covered rock and is trying to get the ball rolling again.

Hollywood tracking board TrackingB.com reports that Shane Black, who wrote the first Lethal Weapon movie, has written a spec script for Lethal Weapon 5 without telling anyone. The site adds that he contacted franchise producer Joel Silver and said that he wanted to continue the story.

This time, homicidal Riggs (Mel Gibson) is about to retire, but pulls Murtaugh (Danny Glover) out of retirement to solve one final case, before they both officially head off into the sunset.

It seems like a good premise. I think I would dig that.

They already got “too old for this shit” but Murtaugh retired, leaving many years of service still ahead for his partner Riggs. We could see Riggs with a new partner, now settled down with Renee Russo and a family and finally at the point of his own retirement.

Aging stars returning to their franchises is all the rage lately, so I would not be surprised if the studios attempted this. I would love to see another Lethal Weapon, but it has to be the same cast. Mind you, I could do without Chris Rock even though I loved him in LW4.

Glover and Gibson have been approached and are said to be up for it, but nothing is on paper yet.

Lethal Weapon 4 set a nice final chapter, so if this doesn’t happen it won’t take away a resolved ending. We got that already.

Let them have one more ride. I am all game on this if its done right.

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24 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon 5? Glover and Gibson are up for it.

  1. Do you know something? They’ll never be too old for this shit. Thank you for coming back. I think next franchise to be resurected should be Ghostbusters, don’t you?

  2. all the LW’s were amazing u cant beat it and joe pesci has got to be in it or it wont be the same. i really hope they make this 1 but i heard its not goin 2 be a happy ending for either riggs or murtaugh :(

  3. If this movie happens you can bet the new character (most likely Gibson’s new partner) will get shot. It happened to Rene Russo and Chris Rock (not sure if it happened to Joe Pesci).

  4. I’d love to see another Lethal Weapon film, only this time Mel Gibson has to grow his hair back out like it was in the first three films.

  5. Guess there wasnt enough hatred and strife for you there George.

    I thoroughly enjoyed all 4 of the movies and found them ALL as light hearted and enjoyable from beginning to end.

  6. you can’t have a lethal weapon without a leo getz???well considering the only two that are any good are the two in which he is not in then I think yes you can have a lethal weapon without leo getz.

    The first two are dark ,gritty fucking amazing action films.

    3 it starts to go downhill fast but has its mometns but part 4 is just terrible. just awful.

    fucking happy families delivering double births at a hospital posing for a big group family photo. urrrrggghhhhhhh lethal weapon 4 is absolutely terrible.

  7. Im glad to hear Black is into writing the script; KISS KISS was essentially classic Black, so the man still has it in him. Where the 4th fucked up on is too many characters and interlocking stories; plus the whole Asian plot with Jet Li was an obvious attempt to cash in on the karate which was the big trend in ’98-99 action films.

    But Ill only see it if they bring back Donner.

  8. As long s it isn’t over the top like Die HArd 4 I am in. I liked Die Hard 4 as an action movie but I didn’t like it as a Die Hard film.

  9. I’m generally opposed to the sequel thing, especially right now when they seem to be dragging out every aging has been out for one last ride, but this is one that could be great. I hope they get to do it.

  10. L1 + L2 were solid, the rest started to dial up the comedy aspect more.

    L5 is ok as long as Peci & Rock disappear in the toilet.

  11. Wasn’t Murtaugh “too old for this shit” in the first film? Is he going to have a zimmerframe now?

    A big problem with LW4 is that Jet Li should have kicked both their asses in less than five seconds. Too unrealistic having them beat him.

  12. I thought Gibson didn’t want to do anymore of these movies? I would like to see Richard Donner return, but his output recently hasn’t been very good.

  13. Love this news, man, love it. If Shane Black has an idea for a fifth, it has to be damn decent as he’s not the type to milk a franchise unnecessarily. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorite films of recent years, so I would love to see Riggs and Rog back in the saddle. Lethal Weapon 4 was better than expected aside from a few clunky spots and the end fight with Jet Li was definitely up to the standard of the first two.

    This could be very good news indeed. Of course, if they resurrect Lethal Weapon, will there be any action franchises left from the eighties NOT to have modern day sequels?

  14. Not so sure it would be a very Lethal Weapon if I’m honest. The stunts on the last one weren’t nearly as impressive as the first three. I’d probably see it but I’m not holding my breath.

  15. Murtaugh did get too old for this shit. He retired in the end of Lethal Weapon 4. But Riggs is still on the force.

    Its his turn to retire. I wanna see this now.

  16. I would like to see Joe Pesci back too….Joe Pesci and Chris Rock in LW4 was great…..

    Leo: “Well, stop turning everything around. You’re so damned touchy. Hey, we might even work together, me and those two work together, I’m the bomb, they’ll tell ya, I’m great. ”

    Butters: “Yeah, we’re gonna work together as soon as I open up a cereal factory, ya fucking leprechaun.”

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