Prince Caspian Pictures

Our friends at moviephone have a cool exclusive photo-set of the Prince Caspian characters. I have included 5 of my favorites but you can check out the entire set here:

Glenstorm the Centaur

Asterius the Minotaur

Werewolf the Werewolf

Trumpkin the Red Dwarf

Nikabrik the Black Dwarf

My favorite is Werewolf, I love his cloak and sinister look. I thought the first film was ok and am interested in seeing how the second turns out. I have a soft spot for fantasy films and will pretty much give anything with swords and sorcery a chance.

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13 thoughts on “Prince Caspian Pictures

  1. The Centaurs are so crappy (especially this guy), they are the worst things in the Narnia films. They turned a unique bunch of philisopher-esque creatures into these steriotypical buff and macho warriors. It sickens me because I loved the Centaurs in the books, they were regal and holy people but threw aside any preconcieved outside views of pacifism when battle was hinted at.

    I don’t like the dwarves either. They seem to fairy taley, the dwarves in LotR were exactly what dwarves should look like. In tCoN they looked retarded, some were asian and other ethnicities that were NEVER hinted at in the books. In the books they said that the Telmarines were pirates so it makes sense to make them have a Spanish like culture but they didnt say the dwarves were asian decendants….its annoying.
    Sorry everybody I trailed off on a rant…and believe it or not I am looking forward to seeing PC.

  2. I realize it had more violence than the book did, but I was disappointed they didn’t put in LOTR style violence. I felt they pussed out in order to make it appeal to kids. I mean, they didn’t even show the White Witch’s death, when Aslan jumped at her they pulled the old “screen flash” trick.

  3. Dumb the violence down? The first movie had MORE violence in it then was in the book. I hate how people say these movies are ‘dumbed down’, just cause they don’t show blood spilling and heads getting chopped off like in Lord of the Rings.

    News flash: Unlike Lord of the Rings, this is a Kid’s series, based off a kid’s book series. Of course it’s not going to be uber-violent.

  4. I remember reading the books when I was a kid. Elementary school library had them and it was my haven from the bigger, more brutish, of my fellow scholars. I’ll admit Werewolf looks pretty nice and I did dream about being one when I first read the material, but Asterius is just the shit. Minotaur. Armor. Weapon. I think that basically ends the argument for greatest presented character. Not that there is an argument, but I foresee there being an argument.

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