Will Ferrell not interested in Old School Dos

will.jpg It looks like Will Ferrell is deciding against taking on Old School Dos, despite rumors to the contrary. The good folks over at cinematical.com gave us this bit of sad info:

Which brings us to another recent Will Ferrell interview in which, once again, Old School Dos was brought up. This time, after he talks about how he turned down a staggering $29 million to star in a sequel to Elf, the dude is asked about his involvement in an Old School sequel. Says Ferrell, “Oh, I wouldn’t do another Old School. They put these rumours out there, these studio people, but I would never be behind that one.”

Yep, I’m bummed out by this news, I think that Ferrell’s character was the most fun in the movie and without him in it I’m not all that interested. But I understand Ferrell passing, he also just passed on a 29 million dollar paycheck for Elf 2.

The guy is moving on in his career. I was able to see Stranger Than Fiction recently (fantastic flick, I highly recommend it) and his performance, while comedic was at a much higher caliber than his previous work. Obviously he wants to branch out toward less sketchy type characters and more realistic, fully developed roles.

It’s a shame for Old School Dos but it is probably a good career choice for Ferrell.

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