Will Ferrell not interested in Old School Dos

will.jpg It looks like Will Ferrell is deciding against taking on Old School Dos, despite rumors to the contrary. The good folks over at cinematical.com gave us this bit of sad info:

Which brings us to another recent Will Ferrell interview in which, once again, Old School Dos was brought up. This time, after he talks about how he turned down a staggering $29 million to star in a sequel to Elf, the dude is asked about his involvement in an Old School sequel. Says Ferrell, “Oh, I wouldn’t do another Old School. They put these rumours out there, these studio people, but I would never be behind that one.”

Yep, I’m bummed out by this news, I think that Ferrell’s character was the most fun in the movie and without him in it I’m not all that interested. But I understand Ferrell passing, he also just passed on a 29 million dollar paycheck for Elf 2.

The guy is moving on in his career. I was able to see Stranger Than Fiction recently (fantastic flick, I highly recommend it) and his performance, while comedic was at a much higher caliber than his previous work. Obviously he wants to branch out toward less sketchy type characters and more realistic, fully developed roles.

It’s a shame for Old School Dos but it is probably a good career choice for Ferrell.

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7 thoughts on “Will Ferrell not interested in Old School Dos

  1. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT?! Old School is one of the funniest movies that i’ve ever seen and Will Ferrell was the funniest character in the film. He has the funniest parts and the most memorable lines. I think this is a terrible career decision and if he doesnt do Old School Dos, the film will not be very successful. Frank The Tank is the steroids for this movie and i love it.

  2. Will Ferrell probably had the most memorable scene’s in “Old School” with lines like “We’re going streaking!” and “You’re my boy blue” and who can forget “Snoopy loop!” It’s sad to hear he wont be apart of “Dos”, but he’s doing his own thing now. Althought I’ve yet to see “Stranger Than Fiction” or “Talladega Nights”, it seems that he is looking for more leading man roles in films. As well as more tasteful dark comedys like “Winter Passing” but whatever Will Ferrell ends up doing it’s always very entertaining. And there’s proof of it as he has been nominated for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Funny Male Star. You can vote for him at http://www.pcavote.com Cast your votes in today as voting ends Tomorrow (Saturday) at midnight .I already put in my vote for Will Because I work with the People’s Choice Community. Don’t forget to tune in on January 9th to CBS to see if Will Wins. You’re my boy Will! lol.

  3. Ouch, I don’t think this will do it for me, I mean Frank the Tank Made that movie what it is, Will F has that capability of making or breaking a movie. E.g his small Role In “wedding crashers” should be used as a blue print to my theory.
    Well if they don’t got the man on lock, they better Make sure Vince V is on w/ the Wilson Brothers (I would kill to see them on screen)

  4. I’ll throw a wrench in the works…

    I think an Old School movie without Will would be just fine.
    I loved Strnger Than Fiction. I loved Anchorman. I loved Talledega Nights. I loved his cameos in Wedding Crashers and Starsky and Hutch. Mustafa’s death scene in the first Austin Powers movie was one of the funniest moments in that movie. I liked Elf. Hell… I even liked A Night At The Roxbury, so it’s safe to say that I am a fan of Will Ferrell.
    However, his performance in Old School left a lot to be desired for me. I thought he was the weak link in a movie that I otherwise greatly enjoyed. The beer bong scene and the earmuffs scene were the only times I liked Will in that movie.
    If he’s not in the sequel… no big loss for me.

    I am, however, very much looking forward to Blades of Glory, Semi-Pro, and Step Brothers. All movies that I think will showcase Will’s talents better than an Old School sequel.

  5. This is…GREAT NEWS. That piece of shit, Old School. The actors did it for the damn paycheck. That was one of the worst comedies I ever seen in my life. Overrated, unfunny, and boring. Will Farrell turned it down because he knows it will be just same old shit.

    Now, Elf, that’s another story. And if someone wanted him to reprise Ron Burgundy…
    but Old School? Horse pucky.

    In the meantime, pass the greens and the dressing. Happy Turkey Day.
    Old School was that, too- a turkey.

  6. If you don’t get the original guys back don’t make this film. It will just be some straight to dvd limp version of the first one.

    If they can get vaughan and wilson – maybe…just maybe but without frank the tank i am not very interested.

    vaughan would be way to expensive for this now too….

    I have no doubt we will see a sequel with some younger guys stepping in..real CW type t.v. actors with a tag line like “the boys have just finished collage – but not the party!!!” and it will be some crap starring soemone like tom welling as a guy who finishes collage but doesn’t want to leave

    Ferrell has a Bill Murray type career in his mind I think…….

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