Rachel McAdams On Red Eye

RachelMcAdams.jpgBesides the fact that she’s HOT beyond description, Rachel McAdams has already demonstrated a lot of talent. Her new thriller Red Eye looks like it’s going to be a winner, her role in The Notebook was fantastic and won her a lot of attention, she was terrific in Mean Girls and has recently redefined the term “drop dead gorgeous” in Wedding Crashers.

Like I said, I expect Red Eye to be good (especially with Cillian Murphy as the bad guy). But don’t expect this to be the last leading role you see her in. This girl also has loads of charm, the kind that makes you instantly fall in love with her… even when she’s playing a bitch. And hey, I also like that the girl is Canadian. The good folks over at JAM have a great little article on Rachel McAdams where she talks about Red Eye, her early experiences in acting in Canada and her career… here’s an excerpt:

Far more precarious were the two scenes in which she is first head-butted by Murphy and then later retaliates by head-butting him. “Cillian was far more worried about the scenes than I was. He was so afraid he’d actually hurt me that we practised for hours the day we were set to film the head-butt on the plane.”

McAdams says she is thrilled that her character in Red Eye is an ordinary person who must call upon all her resources to thwart this killer who has targeted her and her father. “I was so relieved that she was not some sweaty, tank-top-wearing, Uzi-carrying super woman. I think it makes it easier for audiences to share her terror and fear.”

McAdams who was a brunette in Wedding Crashers and Red Eye is back to her blond look from The Hot Chick, Mean Girls and The Notebook. “I’ve not done this for a movie role. Going blond again is for me. I was born blond. More of a dishwater blond than this but still a blond.”

I can’t wait for this film. I’m also very interested to see how Rachel McAdams career continues to evolve. This lady is going to be around for a long time… and yeah… I do see Oscars in her future is she keep developing like this.

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