New Little Fockers Trailer

The new trailer for “Little Fockers” has been released and I have to admit when I first heard this movie was coming out I was surprised cause their wasn’t really an outpour of people asking for another one. After watching the first trailer that Francisco had posted I wasn’t that … [Read More]

My Soul To Take – Trailer

Wes Craven has pumped out a new trailer for his upcoming horror flick “My Soul To Take” which he wrote and directed himself. The film is based around a group of teens from a small town who realize that 7 of them were born on the same day that the … [Read More]

New Due Date Poster

Remember remember the 5th of November… Cause Due Date is coming out that day! The film stars Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis on a crazy but adventurous road trip together. The film looks funny and definitely worth a watch, but I just had to compare the newly released poster … [Read More]

The Virginity Hit – Trailer

Another film highlighting the pressures of a male teenager trying to lose his virginity. The film is quite ridiculous with the main character sneaking a camera into the bedroom so his loss of virginity can be filmed for all his friends to watch live from one bedroom over. Which incase … [Read More]

New Pics From Fast Five

The fifth installment of the Fast and Furious films is hard at work in Puerto Rico, demolishing cars and dragging huge vaults along the business district. Thanks to the great people at we get a glimpse of the action to soon spill onto the silver screen. The photos contain … [Read More]