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TOKYOPOP just dropped a killer promotion for their release of “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – The Beginning.” This is NOT your mama’s zombie flick, though. It’s a prequel to the hit 2021 Netflix series, taking you back in time before things went totally sideways.

Resident Evil Infinite darkness _ the Movie Blog_004 (Large)Here’s the scoop: our hero, Leon S. Kennedy (think Milla Jovovich‘s cooler big brother) is chilling in Pittsburgh when a bomb rocks the Carnegie Museum of Art. Sounds like a typical Tuesday night, right? Wrong. This isn’t your average explosion. A security guard gets caught in the blast, but here’s the kicker: the dude doesn’t stay dead. Nope, he gets up and starts craving brains like a hangry teenager after a soccer game.

That’s when things get real. Turns out there’s a creepy terrorist cult, a mysterious virus that makes folks crave human flesh, and a whole lotta undead shuffling around looking for a snack. It’s basically a recipe for disaster (and a killer graphic novel). Want a piece of the action? Head over to the TOKYOPOP website (use this link!) and snag yourself a copy of “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – The Beginning.” But hurry, because while the zombies might live forever, this sweet postcard offer is only shambling around until May 31st!

The Origin of Resident Evil: A Bite-Sized History

The Resident Evil franchise, with its iconic green herbs and catchy theme music, has been freaking gamers out since 1996. The original game dropped on the Playstation (remember those?) and threw players into a nightmarish world overrun by zombies. It was a smash hit, spawning countless sequels, movies, and enough merchandise to fill a zombie convention. So next time you’re flipping through a graphic novel, remember: it all started with a hungry dude in a museum and a case of the Mondays that just wouldn’t quit.

(Source: TokyoPop)

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